PUBG Mobile cheats: Developers introduce new device ban feature to permanently ban hackers

PUBG Mobile's new device ban feature (Image via Twitter)
PUBG Mobile's new device ban feature (Image via Twitter)
Samarjit Paul

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile. However, the 1.6 update saw a massive increase in the number of in-game hackers, which resulted in a lot of players shifting to the brand's new game, PUBG: New State.

Several YouTubers and players worldwide took to social media platforms to convey their disappointment at seeing the rise in the number of hackers. The 1.7 update brought in a new anti-cheat system which resulted in the banning of a lot of hackers.

@PUBGMOBILE_IN @PUBG_Support @PUBG HACKERS! #hackerpubgmobile Please find character IDs and names and do us a favor.Thank you!

However, developers have finally taken the extreme measure of handing the hackers a device ban, which will totally damage their hopes of hacking the game again.

Details about the new device ban feature on PUBG Mobile and how the developers are going to implement it

Krafton, alongside Tencent Games, has finally taken the strictest measures to introduce a new device ban feature to eradicate all hackers who are still using hacks in-game.

PUBG Mobile recently took to their social media handles on Twitter and Instagram, where they posted about the feature. The post mentions how the feature is a proper warning to hackers who try to destroy the fair nature of the game.

We have an important announcement... We are introducing a DEVICE BAN Feature. ๐Ÿ“ต Cheaters are warned, we are determined to maintain a fair and fun PUBG MOBILE experience. ๐Ÿš“ Read more on our Q&A section: ๐Ÿ”— #BanPan

The post further directs to a subreddit post on the official reddit handle of PUBG Mobile. The subreddit post clarifies several questions that may arise in the players' minds.

The subreddit post mentions how in order to maintain a fair competitive atmosphere, the developers are recording the devices of hackers and are handing the devices a permanent ban. Players will never be able to log-in to the game using those particular devices.

The developers have requested players to maintain integrity and play the game with sportsmanship spirit.

This seems to be the correct step coming from the side of PUBG Mobile, as a lot of players who previously played the game but left due to frustration will come back.

PUBG Mobile has always stressed on the fair and competitive nature of the game, as they had previously announced rewards for those users who would help in reporting hackers. However, the new device ban system will see a hacker-free game in both classic matches and Esports scenario.

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