PUBG New State 0.9.2 update patch notes: New vehicle, gun customizations, and more

Exploring the 0.9.2 patch notes of PUBG NEW State (Image via YouTube: PUBG New State)
Exploring the 0.9.2 patch notes of PUBG NEW State (Image via YouTube: PUBG New State)
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PUBG New State is the newest addition to the games of the Battle Royale genre on mobile. However, since PUBG New State was released on November 11, the game has faced various bugs and glitches in its mechanism, resulting in Krafton releasing updates at regular intervals to give a better experience to the users.

PUBG New State 0.9.2 update complete patch notes

Here are the detailed patch notes:

Introduction of a new weapon: L85A3

The L85A3 is an assault rifle found only in Erangel and Troi, helping players survive the Battlegrounds of 2051.

Weapon Overview:

  • Weapon Type: Bullpup Assault Rifle
  • Ammo: 5.56mm


  • Highest damage of all 5.56 assault rifles
  • Performs well in mid to long-range firefights


  • Low fire rate

Gun Customizations

1) L85A3 (C1) - Vertical foregrip bipod

The vertical foregrip and bipod can act as an all-in-one attachment and once equipped on the grip slot cannot be removed.


  • Reduces vertical recoil of the L85A3
  • Easier recoil control when shooting while crouched or prone


  • Slightly reduces ADS speed

2) M416 (C2) - Long Barrel

The second customization for M416 is available in-game - Long Barrel. The Long Barrel can only be equipped once per match and once equipped will remove the muzzle slot.


  • Increases damage


  • Increases vertical recoil

3) SLR (C2) - 5.56mm barrel

SLR's 7.62mm barrel can now be swapped for 5.56mm barrel. However, this can only be done once per match.


  • Increases firing accuracy


  • Decreased damage compared to the 7.62mm barrel


New Vehicle in PUBG New State

1) Electron

Electron is a 6-seater minibus which is more durable than other vehicles. Electron enables players to change seats even when riding with the whole squad.

Vehicle Overview:

  • Type: Electric, 6-seater
  • Special Notes: More durable than other vehicles.
  • Location: Troi, Training Ground

2) Mesta

Available in two models: Standard and Open, Mesta is a classic sports car with a high acceleration.

Vehicle Overview:

  • Type: Gasoline, 2-seater
  • Special Notes: Quick acceleration, high speeds.
  • Location: Erangel, Troi (certain areas), Training Ground

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol. 2

Survivor Pass Vol. 2 begins on December 9 with Bella's character from Dream Runner Faction. Bella's costumes can be obtained upon completing the missions.

Here are more details about PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol.2

  • New upgraded Premium Pass level rewards
  • Introduction of newer vehicle skins and more character costumes
  • Survivors who reach Level 48 of the Premium Pass will be rewarded with 1,500 NC
  • BP Chests are added as a Free Pass reward

New Lobby Theme:

  • The Lobby background and music have been changed to a winter festival theme.
  • Update has been made to the BP Store background

Moreover, PUBG New State 0.9.2 patch notes by Krafton indicate that changes have been made in Character control and actions, vehicle operations, in TDM (Station) Mode, Merit point system, graphics in maps as well as some other UI updates.

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