PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Championship 2022 Spring teams revealed 

Stalwart Esports clinched PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Stalwart Esports clinched PMPL South Asia 2022 Spring (Image via PUBG Mobile)

With the PMPL South Asia and the PMPL Pakistan coming to an end, the top 16 teams have qualified for the South Asia Championship 2022 Spring. The Championship will see top 10 teams from South Asia and the top six from Pakistan compete against each other.

However, the date for the event is yet to be announced. In the previous season, South Asia and MENA merged for the championship where Rico Infinity was crowned champion. The top 4 teams were qualified for the PMGC 2021.

PMPL South Asia Championship 2022 Spring

From PMPL South Asia

  1. Stalwart Esports
  2. Deadeyes Guys
  3. Trained to Kill
  4. IHC Esports
  5. JyanMaara
  6. Skylightz Gaming
  7. SEAL Esports
  8. DRS Gaming
  9. High Voltage
  10. Phantom Esports

From PMPL Pakistan

  1. 52xRage Esports
  2. Team TUF
  3. SALTxi8
  4. The Grounders
  5. R3gicide
  6. Free Style

Pro League South Asia Spring overview

South Asia 2022 Spring was won by Stalwart Esports. The event finals saw the top 16 teams fight it out over 18 matches from 22 to 24 April.

To win, Stalwart Esports displayed consistent gameplay throughout the tournament. The team accumulated 234 points thanks to 104 kills. Deadeyes Guys came in second place with 104 kills and 215 points.

Trained to Kill took third place with 99 frags and 212 points. Trained to Kill's Sandesh was named season MVP for his 40 kills and over 7k damage. JyanMaara made a fantastic comeback in the finals to secure fifth place.

Fan-favorite Skylightz Gaming did not have a very good tournament as they were placed eighth in the league stages and sixth in the finals. SEAL Esports, who were the topper of the League Stages, had an average finals as they settled for the seventh position.

Another popular team, DRS Gaming, also underperformed. They were sixth in the league and eighth in the finals. IHC Esports were on top at the end of Day 2, but slipped to fourth place. The team is new to the circuit but impressed with their performance.

Pro League Pakistan Spring overview

On the other side, 52xRage Esports claimed the Pro League Pakistan Spring held between 22 March and 17 April. The team accumulated 184 points, including 63 eliminations, without a chicken dinner in their 18 matches in the Grand Finals.

Team TUF was behind them in second place, followed by fan favorite SALTxi8. Team Qwerty didn't make it to the championship as they finished ninth in the finals.

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