PUBG Mobile: Zeus Esports Invited for PMPL South Asia 2021 Season 3

ZEUS Esports
ZEUS Esports

The 2021 season of PUBG Mobile Esports has kicked off with a bang. Amateur and pro teams all around the world are gearing up for the PMCO and PMPL tournaments.

The current season of PUBG Mobile Esports begun on the February 1st, with the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2021: Spring Split. The tournament will go on for a month, with the top teams from competing regions qualifying for their respective pro leagues.

Teams and organizations have started getting invites for the official tournaments on the basis of their past performance in the previous season.

Among the invitees for the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia 2021 spring split (PMPL South Asia Season 3) are the Mongolian team Zeus Esports. It recently secured a third-place finish in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship: Finals 2020.

Zeus Esports, who earlier used to compete in the wildcard region of the PMCO, has now been moved to the South Asian pro league. This has been done with their performance in various tournaments in mind.

The team consisting of world-class players like Godless, Zyol, Abely, Icy, Ronin, and Undakk had a dream run in the previous season. They won the PMCO Wildcard regular tournament and the finals to qualify for the Global Championship.

Although the team didn't perform that well in the league stage of PMGC, they came back in the finals and put on a great display. There was a lot of skill and strategy involved to secure a third-place finish and taking home a whopping prize of $100,000.

Along with Zeus Esports, the top eight teams from the PMPL: South Asia Fall split 2020 League Stage (PMPL South Asia Season 2) have been invited for the tournament's third season.

The invited teams from PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Fall split 2020 League

1. Deadeyes Guys (Nepal)

2. Trained to Kill (Nepal)

3. A1 Esports (Bangladesh)

4. DRS Gaming (Nepal)

5. 7 Sea Esports (Nepal & Bangladesh)

6. Venom Legends (Bangladesh)

7. Abrupt Slayers (Nepal)

8. Futurestation Esports (Bangladesh)

It will be interesting to see the rest of the invited/qualified teams for the third season of the South Asian Pro league. The audience will also be eager to see if the underdogs who qualified from the PMCO's will be able to compete with the seasoned professionals in the Pro League.

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