PUBG New State (Mobile) official gameplay, trailer, map, and more

The alpha test for PUBG New State is set to commence today (Image via PUBG New State / YouTube)
The alpha test for PUBG New State is set to commence today (Image via PUBG New State / YouTube)

The PUBG New State alpha test is scheduled to begin later today (June 11th).

In the build-up to the alpha test, Krafton has provided players with a lot of information about the game, including its gameplay, map locations and more.

PUBG New State is an upcoming mobile battle royale title developed by Krafton. Though the developers are yet to confirm a release date, the pre-registration phase for the game was a grand success.

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Gameplay, map and other details of PUBG New State

Krafton recently released a promotional video titled “Field Trip to Troi - Episode 1 | PUBG: NEW STATE,” which provides players with a sneak peek into the newest battleground in the game, Troi.

In the video, Brian Corrigan, the publishing director of PUBG Studios, was quoted as saying:

"We've been blown away by the tremendous support and curiosity following the reveal of PUBG New State in February. We know you're hungry for more details. Rest assured, we're very excited to talk about all the new features and mechanics in New State. Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing a series of videos, or what I like to call 'Field Trips', to prepare you for Krafton's newest battle royale experience."

Here's what Corrigan had to say about the map, Troi:

"A brand new, massive, futuristic, 8x8 map, built from the ground-up, utilizing groundbreaking lighting and rendering technology developed in-house that raises the bar for graphics and performance across the mobile space. So, without further ado, let's begin our Field Trip into Troi, and gather some intel to give you the competive edge on the locations you'll soon be fighting over."

Listed below are the new Troi locations that have been teased by the developers so far:

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall has multiple vertical levels with an open space at the center, which could serve as a great area for dynamic gunfights.

The addition of bulletproof glass can completely change the way players strategize and engage with enemies in a match.


The Mall is similar to the Exhibit Hall in terms of layout. It has an open rooftop and a lot of space.

Different stores inside the mall will provide players with ample cover during combat. The escalators will also be functional.


The Laboratory has cramped hallways that are perfect for close-quarter combat. Its main section is covered with bulletproof glass, which players can use to their advantage during gun battles.

Trailer Park

The ramp at the Trailer Park (Image via PUBG New State)
The ramp at the Trailer Park (Image via PUBG New State)

As the name suggests, this location is filled with trailers, which means players will have a lot of cover during a match.

The ramp is one of the key features of this location as it provides players with an escape route.


The PUBG New State pre-registration trailer (above) and the recently released field-trip video have offered players a glimpse into the gameplay of Krafton' upcoming title.

Building on the success of PUBG Mobile, PUBG New State will be set in the year 2051 and will have an array of futuristic weapons, tools and vehicles.

The game will follow the traditional battle royale format, with 100 players fighting in an ever-shrinking battleground. The ultimate goal is to be the last man standing.

However, PUBG New State will have superior graphics and mid-game objectives that will significantly impact the flow of a match.

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