Watch: Quin69 finally gets a five star gem in Diablo Immortal after spending $25,000 NZD

Quin69 finally received a five-star gem in Diablo Immortal after spending over $25,000 NZD on the game (Image via Twitch)
Quin69 finally received a five-star gem in Diablo Immortal after spending over $25,000 NZD on the game (Image via Twitch)

Twitch streamer Quintin "Quin69" has been one of the biggest streamers playing Diablo Immortal. The recently released free-to-play installment for the franchise has been widely criticized for its pay-to-win model and bugs.

The New Zealand-based streamer has notoriously dropped thousands of dollars on the game's microtransactions. What's worse, he had yet to receive a single five-star legendary gem from his purchases until he had splurged over $25,000 NZD. Once he finally got the gem, he began yelling in surprise on stream.

Quin69 finally gets a five star gem in Diablo Immortal

I can't believe I just looted my first 5/5⭐ gem and it only cost me $25,165.57 NZDThanks @Blizzard_Ent @DiabloImmortal for this authentic diablo experience.

Quin's Diablo Immortal streams have served as an argument against loot boxes and microtransactions in games. The New Zealander started spending money on the game's in-game microtransactions to prove a point that they are not worth buying.

That case was certainly made, as the total money spent was thousands of dollars and he was yet to receive a single five-star legendary gem. He said that he would not stop spending money on the game until he finally received one. Eventually, he decided to continuously grind the $25 Elder Rifts in the game until he was rewarded with the legendary gem he had splurged so much for.

On stream today, he finally got his gem, the five-star Echoing Shade gem. Echoing Shade has a chance per attack to summon a duplicate of the player character that copies its abilities for eight seconds. However, none of that mattered for Quin69, as the real reward for obtaining his legendary loot was that he could finally uninstall Diablo Immortal.

He calculated the total amount of money he dropped on the free-to-play game. The streamer had spent just a little over $25,000 NZD on microtransactions, only receiving one legendary gem in the process. The total translates to a little under $16,000 USD.

Quin69 uninstalled Diablo Immortal, before realizing he forgot to take a screenshot of the gem for social media and promptly reinstalled the game. After he got his picture, he deleted his character, uninstalled the game for good and shared his pyrrhic victory with his fans on Twitter. He also jokingly thanked Blizzard for what he described as an "authentic Diablo experience."

The Twitch streamer can now claim victory against Diablo Immortal's lootbox system, but it proved to be a costly one. After uninstalling the game, he booted up the new horror game The Quarry, marking the end of the Diablo Immortal chapter of his streaming career.

Fans react to Quin69 finally getting a legendary gem

Many fans noted that Quin was not even interested in trying out his new legendary item. He deleted his character, including all of the loot he purchased, as soon as he was done tweeting out his victory.

Now that Quin69 has finished his Diablo Immortal playthrough, fans are hoping he goes back to streaming games that he enjoys rather than ones he hates to prove a point.

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