Razer announces a new European Fortnite tournament with emphasis on inclusivity

(Image Credit: Razer)
(Image Credit: Razer)

The tech company Razer has recently initiated a European Invitational series for Fortnite which will support up to 5,000 competitors for six weeks.

Razer’s invitational tournament series promises to be an extended Fortnite tournament series for players on the European servers.

In addition to that, Razer has stated that these tournaments will also be exclusive where:

“gamers of every skill level, whether they are a first time amateur, an experienced gamer or a seasoned pro, can team up with some of the region’s most famous star streamers and compete for cash and hardware prizes.”

Razer Invitational Fortnite Tournament

The Razer Invitational Fortnite Tournament will start on December 5th, shortly after the new season is set to start, and last six weeks.

Razer plans for each week to support 5,000 players and will be supporting the tournament with large cash prizes and Razer, IUntel, Seagate, and Pringles brand hardware and products for competitors to win.

In addition to the potential prizes for competitors, Razer also announced their intention to live stream these Fortnite tournaments on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming, and give viewers a chance to win prizes both through voting for an MVP and during sudden spot giveaways.

Where to sign up for the Razer Invitational Fortnite Tournament

Sign-ups opened up just yesterday and are currently available at with additional information available through the corresponding Facebook page. Each week of the tournament will hold three days of competitions, with finals held every Saturday.

This means that losing one week of tournaments won’t spell the end for dedicated competitors, and everyone will have six chances to compete.

At this moment, further rules have not been released regarding this specific Fortnite tournament, though it’s expected that Razer will publish how exactly they will rank players during the competition soon. When released, players should be able to find them here.

Once the rules do finally get published it will be possible for players to understand whether or not this Razer Invitational Fortnite Tournament will more heavily emphasize eliminations or placement, in addition to seeing more specific information.

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