"Really stupid how the current ranked works": Apex Legends players are fed up over Predators in lower rank matches

Players are frustrated with the current ranked system (Image via PlayStation)
Players are frustrated with the current ranked system (Image via PlayStation)
Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

The current ranked mode in Apex Legends has been a hot mess, and it's largely to do with matchmaking. Unlike other seasons, Respawn decided to reset the ranks of all players, which caused major issues in the first place.

Unfortunately, the problem didn't stop there, as matchmaking has put players of wide skill gaps and tiers in the same lobbies. While this results in easy wins for some, it has become a nightmare for others.

Apex Legends changes every season, a deliberate attempt by the developers to keep things fresh. Players have taken some of the changes that have arrived in the current season in a positive light.


Matchmaking, on the other hand, has created a major problem, as players have found ranking up to be very difficult. The disparity in the skillsets and tiers has resulted in lopsided matches, to make matters worse. Many felt that the problem would be solved once the season progressed, but that hasn't been the case.

Apex Legends community wants fairer matches in ranked mode

The main post was created by Reddit user u/AwkwardShake who requested a change in the current system. The main post owner claimed for forgiveness or reduction in the death penalty when a lower-ranked player would die to predators.

This comes down to the fact that a gold player can't team up with a predator. They feel that the lower-ranked players are like bots in front of the professional ones in the highest tiers.

Other players have once again expressed their disappointment with the current system. Many have repeatedly claimed for changes. One player stated that the current matchmaking uses lower ranked players as fillers in lobbies which is completely wrong.

While it might be allowing professionals to get easy kills, it's acting as a punishment for the more casual players.

Another player pointed out that had the system been fairer for the players, there wouldn't be a lesser number of players in Predator. They want Respawn to stop listening solely to the requests of professional players and create a system that's fair to everyone.

Some players believe that the current ranked system in Apex Legends has no integrity due to how imbalanced the matches are.

The issue of lobbies isn't just with predators. One player reported that they have found bronze players in diamond lobbies on multiple occasions, which shouldn't have happened in the first place.

The community in general has been on a divided path from what professionals have said about the system. Some professional players have said positive things about the current system.

Another Reddit member believes that it all started with the changes Respawn made.


As mentioned earlier, players are receptive to the changes that were made. However, it seems that Respawn didn't focus on the potential problems. Solving those would have resulted in a much better experience for all the players.

Some players are so frustrated with the existing system that they have given up playing ranked in Apex Legends. They're also not bothered with how the season progresses from here on.

Another player claimed that they have repeatedly tried to point out the flaws in the current system. They believe that the current matchmaking doesn't make the game more competitive. If anything, it allows higher ranked players to get easier skills and reduces the dependence on their abilities.

The subreddit of Apex Legends has seen at least one complaint about matchmaking on a daily basis. What is a sore point for many is that Respawn has neither acknowledged nor announced any upcoming changes. Unless something radical happens, matchmaking will be an issue for many more, at least for this season.

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