Respawn Entertainment is rumored to bring a ton of old skins back to Apex Legends Season 12

Some returning Apex Legends Legendary skins (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some returning Apex Legends Legendary skins (Image via Sportskeeda)

For every game that follows the free-to-play model, cosmetics play an important part and are no different for Apex Legends. These skins are purposely made to look attractive so that players can buy them and create a source of revenue for the studio.

The skins are categorized into different tiers and often arrive in the store for a limited period of time. Skins that look unique tend to become player favorites, followed by a request from them to bring them back to the in-game store.

Following a recent leak, a similar occurrence will soon take place in Apex Legends, where a plethora of cosmetics will be brought back.

Respawn Entertainment might bring back a ton of skins in Apex Legends Season 12

Respawn Entertainment previously brought multiple skins and cosmetics to the game based on certain occasions and events. The skins were made available for a limited period of time, leaving certain players disappointed as they were unable to get their hands on them.

A new Apex Legends leak has surfaced online where it is claimed that a ton of skins will be brought back for the players to buy in Season 12. The skins will be made available across various dates until the end of the ongoing season. Most cosmetics will arrive in the form of bundles, giving players another chance to buy them using either Apex Coins or Crafting Metals.

Apex Coins need to be bought using real money, whereas Crafting Metals can be acquired from the Apex Packs that are earned from the game itself.

Here is a list of all the skins that will arrive back in the store in Season 12:

  • Prison Pacifier Bundle
  • XL-R8 Bundle
  • A Gaze Eternal Bundle
  • Gasbuster Bundle
  • Ring Leader Bundle
  • Machine Language Bundle
  • Blood and Thunder Bundle
  • Seeing Red Bundle
  • Hypnotic Nightmare Bonus Bundle
  • Queen's Guard Bundle
  • Solar Flair Bonus Bundle
  • Bronze Beast Bonus Bundle
  • Down Right Fierce Bonus Bundle
  • Apex Jump Bonus Bundle
  • Lethal Injection Bonus Bundle
  • Wise Warrior Bonus Bundle
  • Gold Standard Bonus Bundle
  • Worthy Tribute Bonus Bundle
  • Jaeger Bundle
  • Rumble Ready Bundle
  • Tribal Waters Bonus Bundle
  • Acid Bubble Bonus Bundle
  • Bow Blossom Bonus Bundle
  • Galaxy Away Bundle
  • Vacation Vibes Bonus Bundle
  • Dressed to Kill Bundle
  • Going Dark Bonus Bundle
  • Mortal Coil Bonus Bundle
  • Sacred Divinity Bonus Bundle
  • Warlord Bonus Bundle
  • Woad Warrior Bonus Bundle
  • Gilded Gear Bonus Bundle
  • Ring Master Bonus Bundle
  • Nerves Of Steel Bundle
  • Sunfire Initiate Bundle
  • Flux Capacity Unlock Bundle
  • Lone Wolf Bundle
  • Tiger Blood Unlock Bundle
  • Omatsuri Fury Bonus Bundle
  • Best Friend Bonus Bundle
  • Demon Within Bundle
  • Sly Fox Bundle
  • Rising Storm Bundle
  • Deep Freeze Bonus Bundle
  • Double Trouble Bundle
  • Electric Blue Bonus Bundle
  • Moneymaker Bonus Bundle
  • Pearly White Bonus Bundle
  • War Path Bundle
  • Ash Starter Bundle
  • Mad Maggie Started Bundle
  • Shuriken Snowboat Unlock Bundle
  • Spatial Anomaly Unlock Bundle

All of these are leaks, and the studio and the developers of Apex Legends are yet to confirm the return of these skins via an official announcement. Players need to take this information with a grain of salt until that happens.