Ex-Call of Duty developers at Respawn Entertainment reportedly working on new AAA single-player shooter

Sorry, it's not a Titanfall game (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Sorry, it's not a Titanfall game (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

According to Jeff Grubb, a well-known industry insider, Respawn Entertainment is working on an upcoming single-player FPS (first-person shooter) title. Unfortunately for fans of the studio's previous work, it will not be a Titanfall game.

The top-secret game is apparently scheduled to be released around 2024 or 2025, but the project is currently prototyping a variety of concepts.


Respawn Entertainment developing single-player FPS but it’s not Titanfall

This is the third project in development under the Respawn umbrella. The unnamed AAA game will join Apex Legends and the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel in the development queue.

While it won't be a new Titanfall game, it is also apparently aiming for “mobility” and “style” as its founding principles.

As expected, news that it was not a new Titanfall title did upset some fans.

Nibel did remind everyone that Respawn never said the Titanfall franchise would be abandoned.

Meanwhile, some fans felt that technically, Titanfall 3 had already happened, in the form of Apex Legends.

Since the game is still in the prototype phase and will be for the next year or two at least, it's unlikely that there will be any official confirmation during that time.

The single-player FPS game is still very early in development, and while it may not be a Titanfall game, it does sound like Respawn will be employing a similar gameplay style.

Mohammad Alavi leaving Respawn Entertainment, but unnamed project to continue without him

Among other news surrounding Respawn Entertainment, Mohammad Alavi will be leaving the company. He was reportedly the unnamed title's creative director.

Mohammad Alavi was a mainstay at Infinity Ward and Respawn, and of his 18-year career, 11 were spent at the latter. He is perhaps best known for the controversial “No Russian” level of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

With Alavi as the former creative director of the project, it’s no surprise that this secret game is an FPS title.

Alavi isn't the only Respawn member to have worked on Call of Duty either. The studio's founders Vince Zampella and Jason West also co-founded Infinity Ward, known for its groundbreaking Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare title, among others. So fans can certainly expect a quality single-player FPS to look forward to.