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Redditor exposes a Genshin Impact scam that may rob players of their account

Scammers try to rob player
Scammers try to rob player's account using Primogems as bait
Modified 18 Jan 2021

Scammers have started luring players with in-game items and gifts to rob their Genshin Impact accounts.

According to a post by u/Mertking1412 on the r/Genshin_Impact subreddit, scammers are messaging players in-game. These messages usually offer primogems as a gift in exchange for their account credentials.

Although the Redditor did clarify that the scam is extremely easy to recognize, younger children could still fall for it. They also reported receiving similar messages from two different accounts on the same day.

Messages received by u/Mertking1412 in Genshin Impact (Image via r/Genshin_Impact)
Messages received by u/Mertking1412 in Genshin Impact (Image via r/Genshin_Impact)

Additionally, the Redditor also highlighted the requirement of a report button to notify miHoYo about such malicious accounts. Given that primogems are extremely difficult to earn in Genshin Impact, luring people with it can result in more people falling for the scam than one might expect.

Account-robbing scam in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been steadily growing since the game's release in September 2020. However, as the game continues to become popular, scammers and hackers have started making their way into the game. It is up to miHoYo at the moment to fix this growing problem if they want players to continue enjoying the game.


Players need to understand that it is very unsafe to purchase any form of in-game resource from an untrusted third-party vendor. In case players want to purchase additional resources, they should always do that from the in-game client or the official miHoYo Top-Up portal.

The official miHoYo top-up portal for Genshin Impact
The official miHoYo top-up portal for Genshin Impact

If players find themselves receiving suspicious messages from an unknown account, they should immediately refrain from continuing the conversation and block the malicious account. However, players cannot report such actions in-game yet.

It is expected that miHoYo will soon release an update featuring the in-game report option. With multiple malicious accounts prowling the game for unsuspecting victims, miHoYo needs to act quickly to ensure the quality standards are met in Genshin Impact.

Despite the troubles being faced by the community, miHoYo is yet to address the situation. Genshin Impact could even witness a decline in its player count if the developers take up a lot of time to address this growing problem.

Published 18 Jan 2021, 19:58 IST
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