Resident Evil Village coming to Mac in 2022

The MacBook Air will run RE: Village at 1080p (Image via Capcom)
The MacBook Air will run RE: Village at 1080p (Image via Capcom)

Of all the places where an official announcement for Capcom’s Resident Evil Village would appear, few would expect the unlikely messenger to be Apple.

During Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), an online event, the announcement was made in conjunction with the company’s unveiling of various software and hardware.

Apple’s newest Apple Silicon chip, the M2, is entering its second generation. According to the tech giant, the latest version of the M2 is designed to improve productivity, creativity, and gaming.

More specifically, Apple is committed to building upon its Metal software. It is a necessary component for running and powering games on Mac systems.

The latest version, Metal 3, will now support MetalFX Upscaling, giving developers the means to render richer and more fully realized graphics much faster. Part of the magic is how MetalFX handles frames:

“We’re introducing MetalFX Upscaling, which enables developers to render rich, visually complex scenes even faster. It works by rendering smaller, less-compute intensive frames, and then applies high-quality spatial upscaling and temporal anti-aliasing.”

To drive the point home, Apple used Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village as examples of what the technology can handle.

Capcom scheduled to release Resident Evil Village in late 2022


(Timestamp: 1:23:22)

During the WWDC 2022, Apple did more than show off the potential of their latest tech. To deliver the news of Resident Evil Village’s release was Masaru Ijuin, Advanced Technical Research Division Manager at Capcom.

“When first announced, Resident Evil became a genre-defining game, offering adrenaline-fueled fun to all who played. To this day, the franchise remains the most popular of all time in its genre. So it’s with great pleasure that we’re bringing our latest installment to Apple’s amazing Mac lineup, powered by Apple silicon!”

With the newest hardware and software (Apple silicon), the MacBook Air will run Resident Evil Village at 1080p; Mac Studio will be able to run at a 4K resolution, according to Masaru Ijuin.


He went one step further by showing off gameplay. The haunting scenes of the game’s landscape were on full display, as the thick fog and beautifully lit scenes were pure eye candy.

“We’re using high-quality textures, geometry, and complex shaders here. And with MetalFX Upscaling, we’re able to render amazing high-resolution visuals across the entire line, with Macbook Air running effortlessly at 1080p and Mac Studio delivering a breathtaking 4K experience.”

Masaru Ijuin stated that the Mac version of Resident Evil Village would release later this year as he ended his appearance.

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