Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle set to arrive April 15th

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

A new Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle is coming.

Fans of Tom Clancy’s game have woken up to some interesting news. Ubisoft announced that players can obtain two new bundles, the Pickle Risk Smoke Bundle and the Gromflomite Sledge Bundle. Both, iconic characters from the popular Rick and Morty TV show.

For 2160 R6 Credits, players are persuaded to get schwifty on 15 April, as the new Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle arrives.

Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege

No doubt the Tom Clancy games have been a hit with their fanbase, and now with the new Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle, it’s even more enticing. The bundle is a great way to entice new and current players to grow the fanbase of both fandoms.

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

Pickle Rick was an iconic moment during the cartoon TV show and has made its way into several media outlets and clearly continues to grow. The bundle will include the Pickle Rick Rat Suit, headgear, Portal Gun skin, and weapon skin, as well as a Pickle Rick Charm. It's pretty cool to see how close to the cartoon design the skin is, especially with all the add ons.

(Image via Ubisoft)
(Image via Ubisoft)

In the Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle, the second character is based on the Gromflomites, an alien race that are the leading species of the Galactic Federation. It’s pretty fitting that this character is the second in the bundle as these are pretty well-known antagonists in the show.

The Gromflomite bundle comes with Gromflomite uniform and headgear as well as the Federation Defense attachment skin, a new weapon for Sledges M590A1, and a Seal Team Rick Charm. It's great to see how they did this skin some justice. So, it's cool to see them go at it from a different angle and make the Gromflomite have some heavy armor instead of a skinny alien.

Players should be able to obtain the Rick and Morty Rainbow Six Siege bundle through the in-game store. Each bundle will cost 2160 R6 Credits and will be available immediately on 15 April.

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