Riot Games teases K'Sante's abilities in League of Legends

K'Sante's can transform his steadfast shield into a dauntless blade while battling opponents (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games has officially teased the abilities of League of Legends' upcoming top laner, K'Sante. His skill to transform a "steadfast shield into a dauntless blade" has been highlighted.

Summoner's Rift's 162nd champion is all set to fill the main role of a top-lane tank. Earlier, Riot Games released a pre-season preview that included teasers of K'Sante's canonical League of Legends lore. It was also stated that the character had defeated a huge foe and turned its hide into "Ntofos," which are "huge, blunt weapons" that he could also transform into swords. However, fans were in complete darkness regarding his skill set and ability kit until today.

League of Legends' upcoming champion K'Sante possible ability kit

K'Sante's ability kit will be one of its kind (Screengrab via Riot Games)
K'Sante's ability kit will be one of its kind (Screengrab via Riot Games)

Although the gameplay trailer was pretty insufficient in terms of identifying K'Sante's actual abilities, it did provide fans with an idea of his activities and traits that will be showcased during in-game skirmishes.

Here's a projected list of all four abilities that will be possessed by K'Sante:

Q - Name (TBD)

It appears that K'Sante spams this low-cost ability in a manner similar to Riven of Zeri. Additionally, depending on the stage his weapons are in, they seem to do something very unique in the game.

W - Name (TBD)

By the looks of things, his particular ability has a charging knock-back effect. K'Sante will continue to move forward and knock back his opponent the longer the player has the key pressed down. It is presently unknown if this works against several opponents or goes through walls.

E - Name (TBD)

This looks to be a simple shield that may also help with K'Sante's basic attacks and autos. Fans will need to wait a little longer before the official revelation of the same.

R - Name (TBD)

After receiving a bonus, K'Sante appears to be able to charge his opponents over walls, attack more quickly, and switch between weapons. Additionally, it seems that his Q, in particular, helps him gain strength, enabling him to perform a variety of basic assaults.

Nazuma's pride all set to hit the League of Legends PBE

The Pride of Nazumah, K'Sante, is expected to make his live-server debut in Patch 12.21 or at the start of the upcoming pre-season. He and his released skin, along with additional information on the specifics of his abilities, will likely be made available for testing on the PBE in the coming days.

According to the lore, to the dismay of his lover, "The Archer," who desired to hone his remarkable might using grace and strategy, K'Sante relied on his raw talent and strength throughout their battle to defend Nazumah. The greatest monster in the character's life is the conceit with which he disregarded the Archer's advice.

Thus, his official abilities will definitely contain some catchy voice lines featuring Nazumah, the Archer, and the history of his "monster."

While the precise date of K'Sante's League of Legends debut is still unknown, it is speculated that more details may be made public at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, which will end on November 5.

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