K'Sante cinematic teaser sheds more light on League of Legends' first Black LGBTQ+ champion

Summoner's Rift is all set to welcome K'Sante, League's first Black LGBTQ+ champion (Screengrab via League of Legends)

League of Legends will soon be filled with "pride" with the arrival of a brand new Shuriman champion in years.

Summoner's Rift's 162nd champion is all set to fill the main role of a top-lane tank. Riot Games just released a pre-season preview that included teases for K'Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, backing him up with an interesting lore.

Since Ornn's addition to the Summoners' army in 2017, K'Sante is the first pure tank to join the cast, though it is unknown when he will officially be added to the roster. The champion will go live with patch 12.21, and players should be prepared to test him on the PBE shortly.

K'Sante hails from a Shuriman region named Nazumah, where Azir worship is not a part of the culture. Nazumah is meant to be a kingdom separate from the Ascended and he appears to be in charge of protecting the region's residents or at least be their leader.


In the pre-season video, it was stated that he had defeated a gigantic adversary and turned its hide into "Ntofos," which are "huge, blunt weapons" that he could also transform into swords.

K'Sante's gameplay isn't discussed much in the clip, but it appears that fans will learn more about his ability kit at some point in the next week or so.

K'Sante to hit League of Legends official servers in November 1st week

Riot's graphical description of K'Sante and his love, "The Archer" (Screengrab via League of Legends)
Riot's graphical description of K'Sante and his love, "The Archer" (Screengrab via League of Legends)

K'Sante's official unveiling video revealed that he is referred to as the "Hunter" and that his partner is simply referred to as the "Archer." Voice actor DeObia Oparei was pleased to "make history" with the revelation that K'Sante was League of Legends' first Black LGBTQ+ champion. He tweeted:

K'Sante relied on his raw strength and talent throughout their battle to defend Nazumah, much to the chagrin of the Archer, who preferred that he hone his extraordinary might using elegance and strategy. The biggest monster in K'Sante's life is the arrogance he displayed by ignoring the Archer's counsel.

Lil Nas X, who composed and will perform this year's Worlds song, STAR WALKIN', will collaborate with the skin development team to produce Prestige Empyrean K'Sante. Riot previously announced that the exclusive skin will be sold during the 2018 Worlds competition.

K'Sante and the monster (Screengrab via League of Legends)
K'Sante and the monster (Screengrab via League of Legends)

This most likely indicates that Empyrean K'Sante will be the champion's release skin, though it is unknown what he would look like because League of Legends hasn't seen that cosmetic line before.

K'Sante's release coincides with the Worlds 2022 event, which also includes skins from the Bewitching, Spirit Blossom, and probably the forthcoming Empyrean universes. The champions who will receive Empyrean skins are currently unknown, but the PBE preview for the following week is likely to disclose their identities.

K'Sante is anticipated to debut on the title's live servers either in Patch 12.21 or at the beginning of the following pre-season. In the upcoming days, he and his released skin will probably be made available for testing on the PBE, along with more details regarding the precise nature of his powers.

While it is still unknown when K'Sante will make his League of Legends official debut, it is conjectured that further information might be revealed at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, which will conclude on November 5.

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