Riot Games will replay RNG's matches at League of Legends Mid Season Invitational 2022 on account of ping discrepancy

RNG's MSI 2022 games will be replayed on account of ping problems (Image via League of Legends)
RNG's MSI 2022 games will be replayed on account of ping problems (Image via League of Legends)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Royal Never Give Up (RNG) was unable to travel to Busan, South Korea to attend League of Legends Mid Season Invitational (MSI) 2022 due to travel restrictions in China. As a result, Riot Games came up with a plan where everyone will play at 35 ping in order to maintain competitive integrity.

However, as it stands out, there was a ping discrepancy as the teams who played in Busan had to do so at higher pings compared to what RNG did in China. This was a technical error on the company's part which has prompted them to replay RNG's games for the sake of competitive integrity.

A Message from Alex François, Global Head of Competitive Operations, Riot…

Now, whether ping balancing will make any difference or not is difficult to say. However, it is definitely a hassle for the teams considering they are already going through a very tough schedule.

RNG's matches at League of Legends MSI 2022 will be replayed on May 15

RNG's inability to travel to South Korea on account of travel restrictions is something that has definitely disrupted the tournament. RNG is the defending champion of League of Legends' MSI and also one of the strongest teams in the world.

So it would have been a disappointment if, at the end of the day, the team had to bow out because of technical difficulties. Thus, Riot Games decided that China will be participating through a VPN network where the ping will be stabilized at 35.

Now, ping is a vital aspect of League of Legends. This is because reaction time, skillshots and other aspects can get affected if the ping is too high. It was therefore decided that everyone, including the teams playing from Busan, will also have to do so at 35 ping in order to create a common ground with RNG.

The problem is, despite all the technical changes, it seems as Riot Games seems has walked into a bit of trouble as the teams playing from Busan seem to have higher pings than RNG. As a result, the latter will definitely get an advantage over the others.

@Grontann @lolesports the artificial ping was way higher then they meant and rng had normal ping so they had and advantage so they replay

Hence, the decision has been made that RNG's first three games from the group stage at MSI 2022 will be replayed after making changes to the ping for teams playing from Busan. The replayed matches will be completed by May 15, 2022, which is Sunday.

RNG has won all three games that will be replayed. Also, considering all three teams were weaker opponents, it is definitely hard to predict whether anything different can be expected in terms of results. However, since players want a replay, it is understandable if Riot Games is looking to comply.

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