Rockstar will soon be allowing Red Dead Online players on Stadia to transfer their saves

Rockstar has some good news for Red Dead Online players on Google Stadia (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rockstar has some good news for Red Dead Online players on Google Stadia (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar will finally allow Red Dead Online Stadia users to transfer their game data to other platforms. After nearly a month of wrangling with the company, players finally received good news about the game on the soon-to-be defunct platform.

The process is yet to begin, and certain conditions have been imposed by Rockstar Games, but players are ecstatic that their hard-earned game progress will not be lost. According to Rockstar, players will be able to export their Red Dead Online money, Gold Bars, XP, Role XP, and Role Tokens to PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

Rockstar will allow Red Dead Online players to transfer their game data from Stadia

On October 20, 2022, YouTuber ColorTV posted a tweet informing Red Dead Online Stadia users about Rockstar's decision to allow players to migrate their games. The YouTuber struggled for a month trying to contact Rockstar Support for a one-time transfer of the game and finally received a positive response from the company.

ATTENTION ALL RDO PLAYERS ON STADIA - @RockstarGames has finally reached out to me with some good news!!! See their message below!

Rockstar Games reached out to ColorTV via Twitter and announced that all active Red Dead Online players who played the game 30 days prior to Google's announcement of Stadia's closure would be able to transfer their data to other gaming platforms. Interested players must already have an existing account on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

To begin, players must connect their target game account to their Rockstar Social Club account. After doing so, they can contact Rockstar Support for further help with the process.

There was no way to transfer multiplayer game data to other platforms prior to this, but now that Rockstar has offered official support, players can continue to play the game on Stadia before migrating to another platform.


How did players react to the news?

The Red Dead Online community erupted with joy as soon as the news broke. Rockstar's decision to allow players to migrate their data has been lauded by a number of players and game data miners. Ben, a well-known Rockstar Games informant, praised the company for standing by players.

@ItsColourTV Really awesome to see this! Great stuff Rockstar!

Another player, Ash, expressed gratitude to ColourTV for their efforts in the matter.

@ItsColourTV @RockstarGames bestie thank you for being in our corner on this, i really don’t think this could have happened without you

However, user Fernando Martinez warned players about dealing with Rockstar Games Support.

@ItsColourTV @RockstarGames Better than nothing but why not a simple file transfer? Dealing with Rockstar support is horrible

What caused the issue to gain attention?

On September 29, 2022, Google announced that its Stadia gaming platform would be shutting down. Since then, players have contacted game developers requesting that their game progress be transferred to other platforms.

No you don't understand how seriously pissed off I am

ColourTV, who had nearly 6,000 hours of gameplay on the platform, asked Rockstar to help him transfer his character. The gaming company did not respond for an extended period of time, and the issue gained attention in the gaming community.

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