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Shroud picks top 3 FPS games of 2020, excludes CS:GO

Image via Shroudy Rowdy YouTube Channel
Image via Shroudy Rowdy YouTube Channel
Danyal Arabi
Modified 12 Nov 2020, 14:11 IST

Popular video gaming personality Michael 'shroud' Grzesiek recently spoke to his viewers about the current state of first-person shooters. The ex-CS: GO professional candidly talked about his top three choices for FPS games as of now and elaborated as to where CS: GO stands for him.

Shroud's top 3 FPS games as of now

At the 2:00 minute mark, Shroud reveals his top 3 FPS games as of now, stating that:

“Well, if you had to say right now, like right this second, I would say VALORANT, Squad, and Apex. Like if you asked me right this second, those are the first three that come to mind.”

His pick for Valorant is unsurprising for most as he has clearly stated his love for the 5v5 tactical shooter genre and also mentioned it as his favorite in the video at the 6:30 mark.

Squad was the second game present on his list, which surprised many as he plays the game very infrequently, as stated by himself on the last video he uploaded back in September 2020. The higher skill ceiling and team play appeals to the streamer and earns its spot in his top three.


Around a month ago, Shroud stated that Apex is still the best battle royale on the market for him. In his latest video, he mentioned that the higher skill ceiling of Apex stops it from being more popular than a more casual and accessible title like COD: Warzone.

Shroud's opinion on CS: GO

While earlier statements by the streamer may have indicated that he no longer liked Counter-Strike, that is not the case. He clarifies that:

“I don’t think CS is dying. I think NA CS at a competitive level has died a little bit, and that’s just a fact. I don’t think CS is dying by no means. I think CS is very popular still, hundred percent it is. But that’s cool, throw some words in my mouth, why don’t ya. Or, maybe you didn’t throw words in my mouth, maybe I misinterpreted what I said because it is very clear the NA CS is hurting. Might not be dead, but NA CS is definitely hurting, which makes me sad. We were doing so well.”

In his latest 'Shroud Talks' video, he stated that,

“CS is literally the god game, the best game ever made. Fact. Maybe not CS: GO but CS in general, you know as a series.”
Published 12 Nov 2020, 14:11 IST
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