Sidemen members confirm Charity Match 2023 during recent podcast

Sidemen Charity Match 2023 to take place (Image via Sportskeeda)
Sidemen Charity Match 2023 has been officially confirmed (Image via Sportskeeda)

UK-based YouTube group Sidemen recently announced on their podcast, Sidecast, that they are planning to host another Charity Football Match. This highly anticipated event brings together some of the biggest names from the world of YouTube, music, and sport for a fun-filled day of football while raising funds for charity.

The previous charity match, held in September 2022, was the fourth time the event had taken place and was a huge success, with the likes of Darren "IShowSpeed," George "GeorgeNotFound," Jimmy "MrBeast," Amin "Chunkz," and Noah Beck participating. As the event has become a fan favorite, many are eagerly anticipating the announcement of the date and location of the upcoming match.

When will the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 take place?

News of the upcoming Sidemen Charity event was teased by members JJ "KSI," Vik "Vikkstar123," and Ethan "Behzinga," during a recent episode of their podcast with UK-based rapper Aitch.

However, the group has not yet revealed any details about the event, including the date, venue, participants, and the charities they will be supporting.

Here's what KSI said about the event:

"Can't wait for the Sidemen Charity Match this year. Yeah, man."

Vikkstar123 promptly responded:

"It's not even like far, it is flying through. We can't say when but it will be later, there will be one later this year. We should probably start working on that."

For those wondering, the Charity Match usually occurs in the middle of the year, with the first three editions being held in May and June. However, the most recent event took place in September 2022 and was held at The Valley Stadium in South London, which is the home ground of Charlton Athletic F.C.

Given the group's increasing popularity, it would not be surprising if they choose to host the event at a larger venue, such as Wembley Stadium or Emirates Stadium, this year.


It's worth noting that KSI's beverage company, Prime, has a partnership with Arsenal Football Club, whose home ground is the Emirates Stadium.

Here's what the internet had to say

The confirmation of the event on the Sidecast podcast has got fans excited, and they are eagerly waiting for more information. Here are some notable reactions on Twitter:

Fans can expect to see some of their favorite YouTubers and celebrities taking to the field for a good cause, and the event is sure to be a day full of fun and entertainment.

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