Sony PlayStation reveals possible dates for revamped PS Plus: Which region will get it first?

PlayStation has officially confirmed the potential release dates for PS Plus (Images via Sony)
PlayStation has officially confirmed the potential release dates for PS Plus (Images via Sony)

Since the announcement of a radical revamp, PS Plus has been on the lips of many gamers all over the globe. There has been a long rumor that Sony could be looking to develop what would be a competitor to the Xbox Game Pass.

The rumored project was earlier known as Project Spartacus, which was revealed as a revamp of PlayStation's premium service. A new announcement has been made by PlayStation, which states the dates of arrival of the service in different regions.

An update on the all-new PlayStation Plus regionalrollout plan:

PS Plus has been in operation for a significant amount of time as the service offers free games and the ability to stream. So far, the service has existed with PS Now, which is only available in limited regions.

The revamped service will punch the offerings of both of Sony's services and bring it all under one unified destination. With the potential dates now revealed, players can estimate when they can get it in their respective regions.

The latest Sony announcement confirms the release dates of PS Plus across different regions

It wouldn't be wrong to say that fans have been excited about PS Plus ever since its change in structure was announced in March. While the service won't exactly rival the Xbox Game Pass, the two services will share several things in common.

On April 22, Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, informed the audience about their potential plans for the service. It seems that selected areas in Asia will be the earliest to get their hands on the new offerings. The selected countries in the region will possibly be getting the service on May 23, 2022.


A release will likely follow this in the Japanese markets. If all the plans stay on schedule, the Land of the Rising Sun will witness a new PS Plus launch on June 1, 2022.

The Asian releases will be followed by the Americas, with a possible release date of June 13, 2022. Last but not least, European PlayStation owners can get the revamped service sometime around June 22.

There are also plans for the cloud service to come to more markets over the existing ones. The official report also confirmed that European markets will be getting the Premium Tiers of the PS Plus upon launch. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

All the above dates are target dates to change the actual release dates. This could be due to some technical reasons that could cause unforeseen delays. Hence, players are advised to follow all the official channels for confirmed information.

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