Spanish Rust team Panpots gets "removed" from Twitch Rivals after racism controversy

Twitch Rivals drama explored (Image via Twitch)
Twitch Rivals drama explored (Image via Twitch)

This year's Rust event for Twitch Rivals has witnessed a fresh controversy after Spanish team Panpots essentially forfeited the game after a couple of their players got banned from the tournament for alleged racism. It appears that after the reported offending players, namely Xguiry and M2cG, got kicked out of the match, the rest of the team left in solidarity.

The event hosted several teams comprising content creators from around the world as they battled it out in the virtual world of Rust. However, the proceedings got derailed after clashes between certain streamers escalated, with allegations of racism being made, ultimately resulting in the expulsion of the two Spanish streamers.

Here is an account of what transpired, per the commentators of the event who explained the absence of the Panpots team:

"As many may be aware by now, some players from team Panpots were removed from the event earlier due to derogatory remarks made to another player. Twitch Rivals has a zero-tolerance policy on derogatory speech and the offending players have received a permanent ban from Twitch Rivals.
"Subsequently, other members of the team Panpots decided to drop from the event. At which time, it became impossible for the remaining members to continue competing. Therefore, team Panpots has been officially removed from the event."

Why were members of Spanish team Panpots banned from Twitch Rivals? Exploring the racism controversy at Rust event

Xguiry and M2cG were not only banned by the Twitch Rivals organizers but also received a game ban, meaning they cannot play Rust for about a week following the incident.

Many viewers have claimed that the pair's alleged use of the term "ch***farmer" might be the reason for the ban because of the racial connotations associated with it.

Viewers lay out a side of the story (Image via @Nicer_Chile_ r_playrust)
Viewers lay out a side of the story (Image via @Nicer_Chile_ r_playrust)

However, NA streamer Renniesaurus, who filed the official racism complaint, has clarified on X (formerly Twitter) that the reason was not the word "ch***farmer" but because of the phrase "Mata la China," which can be roughly translated as a death threat.

Rennisaurus also claimed that she had no hand in choosing the penalty and that Twitch staff decided to ban Xguiry and M2cG:

"Just to clarify, the main issue I had was 'Mata la China' which I’m told is 'kill the Chinese girl' I also don’t pick the punishment in any way, shape, or form. I reported the racism- Twitch Trust & Safety team goes through the VODs of all involved players and make decisions."

A viewer also shared a clip of the incident in the same thread.

The internet is divided on the issue, with many calling out the Spanish streamers and accusing them of being toxic. Others believe the NA content creators have also been quite toxic but have gone unpunished. Here are some general reactions from social media:

Comment byu/RudeHoney8 from discussion inLivestreamFail
Comment byu/RudeHoney8 from discussion inLivestreamFail

After last year's Rust event, Disguised Toast talked about how he regretted not learning enough Spanish before entering the tournament.

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