Splatoon 3 to reportedly receive three new Salmon Run modes called Pair, Underground, and Contest

Splatoon 3 might be receiving new Salmon Run modes in the coming months (Image via Splatoon 3)
Splatoon 3 might be receiving new Salmon Run modes in the coming months (Image via Splatoon 3)

It seems the upcoming September Splatfest is not the only thing that Splatoon 3 fans can expect in future updates.

Recent datamined reports have suggested that Nintendo’s latest franchise entry will be receiving three new potential Salmon Run modes. They are reportedly called Pair, Underground, and Contest.

What gives this leaked information weight is the fact that it was reported by the dataminer who goes by the handle OatmealDome. The user has a reputation for being quite accurate when it comes to leaked reports regarding the Splatoon titles.

In a recent tweet, the dataminer revealed that Splatoon 3 will be getting additional content in future updates in the form of three new Salmon Run modes.

The game's developers announced the very first post-launch Splatfest in the latest Nintendo Direct, along with free updates for the shooter in the coming months.

Hence, it’s not all that surprising if Nintendo chooses to introduce three new Salmon Run modes in the latest Splatoon entry.

Splatoon 3 Salmon Run modes are likely to be limited-time events

In the tweet, OatmealDome explained that based on the datamined files that they recovered, it’s likely that the Salmon Run modes will play out very differently from one another.

The user wrote:

“There are three possible new Salmon Run modes coming in a future update: “Pair,” “Underground,” and "Contest." Pair and Underground will have their own pay grades and titles. In addition, Underground will have higher quotas (per wave: +3 / +5 / +7) than normal.”

The Splatoon 3 dataminer also suggested that the speculated modes are likely to be limited-time events, much like Big Run.

Salmon Run was initially introduced in Splatoon 2 as a temporary game mode. However, in the latest franchise entry, the mode is a permanent one.

The mode is a multiplayer co-op experience where players team up with others to fight off three waves of crazed Salmonid enemies.

The mode also has a meter, which, when filled, will introduce the boss of the mode, the King Salmonid, Cohozuna, in the third wave. Taking him down will net players additional bonuses and rewards.


The best way to defeat the King Salmonid is to lob Golden Eggs at it. These Golden Eggs are dropped by some of the other enemies in the mode when they are defeated.

Currently, there are five ranks for Salmon Run: Apprentice, Part-Timer, Go-Getter, Overachiever, and Profreshional.

It will be quite interesting to see just how the reported Salmon Run modes will play out in Splatoon 3 if they are coming to the game.