How long does it take to beat Splatoon 3’s Campaign

Nintendo is making some big changes to Splatoon 3 (Image via Nintendo)
Nintendo is making some big changes to Splatoon 3 (Image via Nintendo)

Multiplayer improvements, new game modes, and features are not the only things that Nintendo added to Splatoon 3.

The latest franchise entry also continues the narrative in the campaign mode, with players taking a much deeper dive into the Splatoon world with the Return of the Mammalians.

The story begins with players starting in The Crater with the task of investigating the disappearance of the excellent Zap Fish, who is believed to have been abducted by the Octarians.

However, players eventually know throughout the narrative that it’s not the Octarians behind this nefarious plot. There is another threat working in the shadows, and another NPC, Cuttlefish, ends up getting abducted, and players need to work towards saving him.

The Splatoon 3 campaign improves on narrative and gameplay, featuring stages that are not always easy to complete. Hidden areas can also be unlocked when certain conditions are met. Therefore, this article will try to talk about just how long it can take players to beat the Splatoon 3 story mode.

Splatoon 3 campaign mode: Maps, levels, and more


Splatoon 3’s story mode works a bit differently than what players will be used to from previous franchise entries. The new campaign allows fans to choose how they want to tackle missions and in what order, even making it possible to skip out some stages in their entirety.

1) Defeating blobs of fuzzy ooze

One core gameplay objective that fans will be required to do in the story mode will be to clear out oozing blobs, which will block the pathways to new kettles.

Players must throw Smallfry at the bubble in all the ooze and even bypass the red chunks by swiftly maneuvering around them. Additionally, each fuzzy ooze will have a set amount of power eggs that players must collect to make their way to the next stage.

Eggs can primarily be collected by defeating enemies in the game's various stages. However, some can be found in crates or by completing some challenges.

2) Every level has a theme

Every stage in the Splatoon 3 narrative has its theme and thematic challenges, which will test the players on all their sliding, surfing, and inking skills.

This is one of the reasons why players new to the Splatoon franchise are advised to complete the story mode first before trying out some of the PvP and Co-op matches that the shooter has to offer.


The campaign will teach pliers the ropes why testing their skills by throwing more difficult challenges at them with every stage.

The time to complete each stage will depend on how skilled the player is, and it can take 5 to 10 minutes to reach the final goal.

3) Levels can be skipped

Players who want to enjoy the narrative of Spaltoon 3 and are not willing to travel down the path of a completionist can skip levels if required. As fans will be required to collect enough eggs to make their way to the next stage, players can look to skip through levels and move on to the next stage once they collect enough eggs.

However, this is not something that players new to the game are advised to do, as the additional levels are a great way to learn new tricks and try out new weapons.

How long does it take to complete Splatoon 3’s story mode


An exact completion time will be hard to decipher in a game like Splatoon 3, and the stage time for each player will be different based on their skill levels. However, in a typical playthrough, the campaign will last around 10 hours if players do not skip all the levels.

Completing all the levels will also unlock the hidden Secret Kettle stage, which is the hardest area in the game. So counting that, the completion time will go up by an hour or so.

However, if players skip levels and play for the narrative, the completion time will be around five to seven hours. Completing Splatoon 3’s story mode will give players special badges and gear they can equip on their characters.