Splatoon 3 guide: What is Weapon Freshness and how to raise it?

Improving Weapon Freshness in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Improving Weapon Freshness in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Splatoon 3 has many elements regarding its core play and combat that reward player with many in-game collectibles the more time they spend playing the various shooter modes.

One such rewarding feature fans enjoy in the new franchise entry is Weapon Freshness.

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Players can check the freshness of a highlighted weapon in their inventory by pressing the ZL button on the Nintendo Switch. There will be a series of stars and a bar connected to it, which players will be required to fill to increase a weapon's freshness.

Completing the bar for each star will net them various rewards ranging from a Sheldon License to a badge.

The following guide will go over how players can improve the Weapon Freshness in Splatoon 3 as they continue.

Improving Weapon Freshness in Splatoon 3


In short, Weapon Freshness is directly linked to how much territory players have covered with that particular weapon when playing that game. Hence, the more time one spends in the Turf Wat and Anarchy Battle in the game modes. More will help the weapon freshness bar tick up.

Hence, to increase weapon freshness in Splatoon 3, players will be required to:

  • Invest time in playing the various multiplayer modes that the game has on offer. From Turf Wars to Anarchy Battle to other Splatfest modes, players can increase the freshness bar of their weapons the more time they invest in the various online matches.
  • Once the bar of one star fills up, another empty bar will appear, and players will be able to start working on filling the next meter. This process will repeat itself for every weapon until players reach a max of 5-star freshness.
  • It’s important o note here that the points required to fill the bar of each star will go up gradually the further players progress into it. The increased requirement is quite significant, and to get five stars, players will be required to earn over 1 million points. It will be quite time-consuming to reach this milestone for one weapon, let alone all the weapons that Splatoon 3 currently offers.
  • When players reach one-star freshness on a weapon, they will receive a Sheldon License that they will be able to cash in at the Ammo Knights to obtain a new item. When the weapon reaches two and three stars of freshness, they will receive stickers with an image of the weapon that they will be able to use to customize their lockers.
  • For four and five stars, players will receive exclusive badges, which they can then showcase on their Splashtags, making for a great customization option.

Apart from the usual freshness, a second type is connected to the player’s weapon, which can only be found when selecting Turf War in Splatoon 3. It will represent a flag, a title, a bar. and will indicate the performance players have had in that game mode thus far. The bar will move up and down based on win-loss.

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