Cohozuna in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run: How to unlock and defeat King Salmonid

Unlocking and defeating Cohozuna in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Unlocking and defeating Cohozuna in Splatoon 3 (Image via Nintendo)

Splatoon 3 comes with a variety of multiplayer game modes that stray from standard player-versus-player-inking and splatting matches. One such unique and fun mode that gamers are having a great time trying out at the moment is the Salmon Run. This is not the first time that the mode has been introduced in the franchise. However, the Splatoon 3 version does come with a few variations.

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In Salmon Run, players and four teammates will be made to face three waves of crazed Salmonid enemies. The title, from time to time, will throw in the super boss Cohozuna to present an unexpected and difficult challenge for gamers.

However, players will not be able to take down King Salmonid just by hitting it with gallons of ink. There is a trick to unlocking Cohozuna and defeating it, which the shooter doesn’t do a good job of explaining. Today’s guide will therefore talk about how players can unlock King Salmonid in Splatoon 3, the way to defeat it, and the rewards they can get for taking it down.

Unlocking Cohozuna in Splatoon 3


While each Salmon Run will usually have three waves that players will be required to overcome. Gamers will, however, be periodically thrown a fourth one, which will feature Cohozuna.

The title is going to indicate when the boss will arrive via the Cohozuna-shaped Salmometer, which players can spot while waiting in the lobby. This meter will gradually go up the more players play Salmon Run in Splatoon 3, and once it’s full, they will unlock the encounter. In the next run, they will encounter four waves featuring the boss instead of three.

Beating Cohozuna in Splatoon 3


Once Cohozuna spawns in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run, it will first saunter around the map a bit while occasionally jumping and creating shockwaves when it lands. While shooting the boss with ink and specials is a decent way of chunking away at its health, it will take an incredibly long time to do so. Hence, the best way to take it down will be through the use of Golden Eggs.

Golden Eggs cause it the highest amount of damage. Hence, one of the best tactics for taking down Cohozuna fast would be to defeat the other bosses who spawn with it. They will drop Golden Eggs when defeated, which players can then pick up and throw at King Salmonid.

However, ink will be required to throw the Golden Eggs. If players are running low on it, they can simply jump into ink and gradually refill their tanks. Teamwork will be key during the fourth wave, and gamers will need to rely on one another while hurling as many Golden Eggs as they can at the Cohozuna.

Rewards for beating Cohozuna in Splatoon 3


Upon defeating King Salmonid, players will be able to net themselves some fish scales that are extremely valuable in the shooter. These will come in three varieties of bronze, silver, and gold. They will function the same way as in-game currency.

Fans will be able to exchange these scales in the Grizzco lobby to obtain some cosmetic items and decorations like the Grizzco-themed Splashtag backgrounds, stickers, locker decor, and more.

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