Splatoon 3 multiplayer guide: How to change your region in the shooter

How to change your region in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
How to change your region in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Splatoon 3’s multiplayer experience can be somewhat brutal and unforgiving for those who are new to the franchise and haven’t invested too much time in the game's various online modes.

Often in modes like Anarchy Battles, milliseconds can make a difference in how well players perform in the game, and this fact is especially true for some of the highest levels of competition within the title.

Lag and higher ping differences can often ruin the gameplay experience and can, at times, go as far as to make players lose their games.

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A high ping will always have a negative impact on game enjoyment, and issues related to latency generally have something to do with connectivity problems from the player’s end, or if one is not playing on a server closest to their region.

Often times, the issue is with the region selected. Fortunately, Splatoon 3 allows players to change this once they have progressed a little into the game.

Today’s guide will address how Splatoon 3 players will be able to change their regions.

How to change your region in Splatoon 3


When players first install and get into Splatoon 3, the game first asks them to pick a region before allowing them to go into Splatsville. Fortunately, the decision is not permanent, as more often times than not, those who are new to multiplayer titles pick servers that are far away from where the region of their internet IP is located.

The further the server is from the player’s native region, the higher the ping will be when playing some of the multiplayer features of the shooter.

However, to have access to the option for region change, there are a few criteria that players must meet in Splatoon 3:

  • Finishing the tutorial part of the game.
  • Queue up for and complete atleast one Turf War battle in multiplayer.

Once these two conditions are met, players will then be able to access a terminal that appears in the multiplayer lobby. Using this terminal, they will be able to change regions in Splatoon 3.

The terminal will have a Splatoon Region option, where one can change the servers around and try out games in different regions to see how the lag and latency is in each of them.


The shooter currently has just a handful of servers that players can play on:

  • Europe
  • Hong Kong and South Korea
  • Japan
  • North America
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Once players have picked a server, they will then be matchmade against players playing in that region as well.

It’s important to note here that when it comes to certain Splatoon related events like Splatfest, every region will its own start times. Therefore, timezone differences are something that players will need to keep in mind if they wish to make the most of some of the game's biggest celebrations.

However, changing a Splatfest region will put the feature on cooldown, and players will not be allowed to change their servers again until the next Splatfest arrives. This is why accidentally picking the wrong server can be detrimental in certain cases.

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