Splatoon 3 After Alterna guide: How to beat the Octoling Battle section

Completing the final stage of After Alterna in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Completing the final stage of After Alterna in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)

Splatoon 3’s story mode has hidden stages that unlock only when certain conditions are met, and After Alterna is one such stage that players will access late on in the narrative.

It is one of the most difficult levels in the game. However, to unlock it, players must complete every stage and mission that the shooter’s campaign mode offers.

Once all of the stages are complete in Return of the Mammalians, fans will receive a message that a new hidden stage has been unlocked called Secret Kettle, along with access to After Alterna, which is present on Future Utopia Island.

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However, unlocking the new area is significantly easier than completing it. There are multiple stages in After Alterna. Each is incredibly difficult and will test players' movement and inking prowess.

The last stage is where the difficulty goes up several notches. Here, players will be required to face and defeat numerous Octolings, making it the hardest fight in the entire campaign mode.

The following guide will cover some tips that Splatoon 3 players need to remember to make the Octoling Battle section of After Alterna significantly more manageable.

Completing final stage of After Alterna in Splatoon 3

To make the Octoling Battle section of After Alterna significantly more manageable in Spaltoon 3, players should keep a few things in mind:

1) Remember spawn points and timings


What makes the encounter difficult for players is how easily they can get outnumbered when the stage begins. There are various Octolings that players will have to face off against, some having shields while others using unique weapons that will make the encounter considerably more difficult.

Earning their spawn points and their spawn timings by heart will allow one to remove them as soon as they drop onto the map. It will take some practice for players to familiarize themselves with the locations and timings.

2) Run, skip, jump, slide, dodge


The Octoling Battle stage will test players' movement and how well they can maneuver around enemies and incoming projectiles. One of the best ways to avoid getting splatted in this stage is to constantly be on the move and anticipate how the enemy will attack.

Sliding, jumping, dodging, and effectively kiting away from opponents while dealing damage simultaneously will make the Octoling Battle stage in Splatoon 3’s After Alterna significantly easier.

3) Utility is king


Utility items can come clutch when facing the hordes of Octolings that Splatoon 3 players will be made to face during the stage. Grenades and Smallfry can be players’ best friends when making After Alterna easier to manage.

Smallfry will be able to distract enemies when players are in a tight spot while at the same time dealing damage to them.

On the other hand, Grenades will help thin out enemy ranks, and players can avoid getting swarmed easily. Stocking up on Grenades and Smallfries is very much advised, especially for some of the harder stages in Splatoon 3’s campaign mode.

After completing Alterna’s final stage, Splatoon 3 players will be rewarded with the Mr. Grizz badge they can put on their Splashtag and the Teddy Band headgear.

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