"Stalwart Esports look for longer commitments from players rather than being only after profit": Shashank "Instinct" Jain, professional Brawl Stars player

Shashank "Instinct" Jain is a part of the Brawl Stars roster of Stalwart Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
Shashank "Instinct" Jain is a part of the Brawl Stars roster of Stalwart Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

Even if Brawl Stars does not have a major esports scene in India, it did not stop two Indian gamers from taking it up professionally. Thanks to their in-game performances, they managed to capture the attention of the reputed esports organization, Stalwart Esports, and are now gearing up for the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 set to commence in a few weeks.

Shashank “Instinct” Jain is one of the two Indian players present in Stalwart Esports’ Brawl Stars roster. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Instinct talked about why he chose gaming as a profession, his current roster, and more.

Instinct on why he chose Brawl Stars and Stalwart Esports

Q. Venturing into professional gaming is considered an unconventional choice. What made you choose gaming as your career?

Instinct: I have been playing games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed on my computer and also games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, BGMI, etc. on my mobile device. However, I have always regretted starting these games very late compared to their date of release. On the contrary, I started playing Brawl Stars when it was released globally and have been enjoying it a lot and finding it fun to play with my friends, who are now my teammates. The fun and determination to prove my time invested in the game so as to bring an outcome to win something big has made me choose gaming as my career.

Q. Indian parents are usually hesitant to allow their kids into this profession. Did you have a tough time convincing your parents or were they supportive from the first day?

Instinct: My parents were supportive of my gaming career on the condition that my studies are not affected in the slightest. I am at a point where I have completed my B. Tech degree with decent results and am doing pretty well in my gaming career. Hence, my parents have been quite supportive.

Q. Why do you think Brawl Stars is not as popular as battle royale mobile games like BGMI and Free Fire? What can be done to improve its esports scenario in India?

Instinct: Since Brawl Stars was released after BGMI and Free Fire, the number of people playing other games simply outshines the ones playing Brawl Stars.

A couple of solutions I can think of to improve the esports scenario of the Supercell game in India is to organize more tournaments first so that people see that it's worth grinding the game. For this game to become more popular, some of the big streamers need to play it once in a while so that a larger audience gets to see how fun it is to play Brawl Stars.

Q. You have always had a podium finish when it came to playing the game professionally. How long have you been playing the game? Which characters are your favorite?

Instinct: I have been playing Brawl Stars for the past three years.

My favorite characters are Bibi and Max.

Q. You have been playing with Sergeant ever since your FA Tryhards and Brainy Flagship days. How long have you been playing with each other? With whom is your synergy the best on your current roster?

Instinct: We have been playing together for two years now.

Without a doubt, my synergy is the best with Sergeant on my current roster.

Q. What made you choose Stalwart Esports over other esports organizations? How is it different from other organizations?

Instinct: Firstly, I already heard of Stalwart Esports from way back because they are known to be the best team in the world in PUBG Mobile.

The thing that is different about Stalwart Esports and other organizations is that they look for longer commitments from players rather than being only after profit. This is what made me choose Stalwart Esports.

Q. Now that you have won the last two tournaments as part of Stalwart Esports’ roster, what are you aiming for next?

Instinct: It is simple. We aim to win the monthly finals of SESA and ANZ, and put up a good show and get as far as we can in the World Finals, which is our main focus.

Q. Which Brawl Stars team do you think is the strongest in the world right now? Why do you think so?

Instinct: ZETA Division is definitely the strongest team in the world right now.

They are the strongest because not only are they individually brilliant, but their teamwork is also amazing.

Q. Since Stalwart Esports has now qualified for Brawl Stars World Finals 2022, how has the team started preparing?

Instinct: Since we qualified for the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022, our team has been grinding for four to five hours every day and another couple of hours analyzing what is working and what is not. Everyone is really motivated to perform and try to give in around eight hours every day with each other working to be a better team than yesterday.

Q. What is your message to the well-wishers who supported you so far?

Instinct: Honestly, the support that my/our well-wishers have given to us is heart-warming and I will just say that without all of that, none of us would be where we are. Also, please look forward to our games in the World Finals!

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