Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel confirmed by EA

Cal may appear in the next game (Image via Electronic Arts)
Cal may appear in the next game (Image via Electronic Arts)
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According to Electronic Arts, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be getting a confirmed sequel in a major announcement today. Not only will the acclaimed game from 2019 be getting a sequel, but there are two additional games set in the same universe currently in development.

While two new Star Wars games being developed simultaneously are guaranteed to turn some heads, the confirmation of a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is undoubtedly the icing on the cake.

On top of these major announcements, EA also confirmed that Respawn would be heading all projects. They appear to be at the franchise's helm as EA's contract with Disney creeps closer.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel details


In terms of new details, there were no trailer or title announcements in today's news from EA. Instead, EA made sure that the fan base was well aware of the projects currently in development and would expand on their portfolio.

However, some critical details within the announcement make the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel even more enticing. For starters, Respawn will be developing the title once again. Respawn took on Fallen Order and started the new series, which would be called Star Wars Jedi, back in 2019.

On top of that, Stig Asmussen will be the Game Director on the project once again. He led the charge on the first Jedi: Fallen Order game and had experience with God of War. Fans should sleep well knowing he's involved again.

New Star Wars games are on the way (Image via Electronic Arts)
New Star Wars games are on the way (Image via Electronic Arts)

Fans speculated in December that a new trailer for the sequel would be revealed, but it never was. It was safe to assume that the sequel is in development, but there has never been any confirmation directly from EA until now. Now, fans can look ahead to more news.

Other Star Wars games that were announced by EA and Respawn

Aside from Jedi: Fallen Order getting a sequel, two other titles will join the Star Wars universe of games. One of them is a first-person shooter, and considering the experience, Respawn has with games like Apex Legends or Titanfall, the title seems to be in good hands.


The second new title will be a strategy game set in the Star Wars universe that will collaborate from Bit Reactor. Not much is known about this one, or the shooter for that matter, but more news is sure to break in the coming months after this massive announcement.

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