Starfield community urges players to rate the game on Xbox App after "PlayStation fanboys" review bomb it

Starfield review bombed on Microsoft Store
Starfield is getting massively down-rated in the Microsoft Store. (Images via Starfield and Microsoft)

Starfield is reportedly being review-bombed by PlayStation owners on the Microsoft Store, and the community is now urging Xbox players to give the game proper ratings on the Xbox App. This was not the first time that a controversy surrounding Bethesda’s latest RPG was afoot, as ever since before and even after its release, social media continued to face one of the most ridiculous console wars yet.

Getting review-bombed by PlayStation owners was something that was rumored before the title’s release. There was speculation going on that PS fans were apparently forming a secret community tasked to review bomb Bethesda’s RPG as soon as it dropped.

Apparently there now seems to be more merit to these rumors, as Starfield is now actually being review-bombed on the Microsoft Store and is currently sitting on a 2.8 rating. A user on X (formerly Twitter) raised this request while stating:

"PlayStation fanboys are currently review bombing it."

Starfield is getting massively down-rated in the Microsoft Store

In light of the tigetting massively down-rated in the Microsoft Store, the community is now urging those enjoying the game on Xbox to give favorable ratings to the game.

Even without taking the console wars under consideration, the RPG has divided the gaming community on how they feel about the game. While there were many who absolutely loved what Bethesda had to offer, there were others who did not like Starfield and felt it to be a boring experience with an underwhelming narrative.

The community was once again divided when it came to the game’s performance as well. Many reported that Starfield is very well optimized for their PC, however, others noted that they have been facing frequent lag, stutters, and freezing during certain parts of the game, with even the audio getting cut out from time to time.

While the game might not be the most highly-rated RPG of 2023, it’s very much the most talked-about game this year, for good or for bad.

The game re-invents and implements many of the more popular Bethesda-esque formulas, which is why it’s safe to say that the game is not for everyone. Having a different opinion on the game is valid, but players going out of their way to review-bomb it is not something the title deserves.

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