STE TOP grabs first place in MVP rankings after Day 2 of PMGC 2022 Grand Finals 

TOP topped MVP rankings after PMGC Finals Day 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
TOP topped MVP rankings after PMGC Finals Day 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Grand Finals Day 2 of the prestigious PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) concluded today, January 7. After 12 matches in two days, the competition is quite close, with no team having an outright advantage heading into Day 3. Players from all 16 competing squads gave their best today, with some names rising to the occasion and performing exceptionally well. One such individual is TOP.

The Mongolian player from GodLike Stalwart took the pole position in the overall MVP leaderboard, overtaking Revo from Alpha 7 Esports, who led the chart at the end of Day 1.

TOP dethroned A7 Revo from pole position in MVP rankings after PMGC Grand Finals Day 2

TOP's performances helped GodLike Stalwart move up to the 10th spot in the overall points table. At the end of the opening day, they were in the 13th spot and had had a disappointing showing.

Surprisingly, TOP jumped to the pole position on Day 2 with 15 frags and an insane damage of 6,207 HP. He was not even in the top five at the end of PMGC Grand Finals Day 1. He showed sensational gameplay in the last game of Day 2, securing five kills. He earned 11 eliminations from the six games that were played today.

Revo from Alpha 7 Esports displayed an average performance on Day 2, only securing five frags in six games. This is what caused him to drop down to the second spot on the MVP leaderboard. He ended the day with 18 eliminations. As a result, A7 Esports, who topped the overall rankings on Day 1, dropped to the third spot on the second day.

Sand3shS from T2K Esports has dropped to the third spot in the MVP rankings. He secured a total of 8 frags on Day 2, ending it with 21 kills in total. He helped his squad remain in the contest for the title, heading into the final day.

Turkish player RayZ from S2G Esports made his emphatic entry into the top-five MVP list. He played well today, taking his elimination tally to 18 while dealing massive damage of 4,698 HP. His performance massively helped his team, as they were in second place after the completion of PMGC Grand Finals Day 2's matches.

Brazilian INCO Gaming player Vitaly ended up in the fifth spot on the MVP leaderboard after 12 games. Although he only secured four frags in the six games played today — dropping two spots in the rankings as a result — his teammates stepped up to take their team to the first spot in the overall table. Closing out the day with 17 frags, he maintained his place on the top-five MVP list.

The race for the MVP title will be intense on Day 3 of 2022's PMGC competition, which takes place tomorrow. It will be intriguing to see which individuals emerge as the top players in the competition.

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