PUBG Mobile team Alpha 7 issues response over allegations of drug use

Alpha 7 Esports is one the best PUBG Mobile team in the world (Image via YouTube/Alpha 7)
Alpha 7 Esports is one the best PUBG Mobile team in the world (Image via YouTube/Alpha 7)

A few days back, Rise Esports CEO Geison implied that players of Alpha 7 Esports were using performance-enhancing drugs during official tournaments. He suggested some pros were using a stimulant called Venvanse, used to treat ADHD. It increases alertness and improves mood. The matter is under investigation by Tencent since Venvanse is banned by most sports/esports federations worldwide.

Geison posted on his Instagram (Portuguese to English translation):

"What actually exists is overwhelming evidence of controlled drug use and, by Sports and Sports law, cannot be used. By all indication, Alpha was making use of this, according to testimony and evidence. What is not according to other teams participating. It's all about justice and Tencent that has all the evidence and testimonies."

He further added:

"LET ME BE CLEAR HERE. I am not a judge to judge anyone, nor am I an accuser. However, I am aware of the facts described. I express my dissatisfaction with Alpha7 remaining in the championships until proven otherwise. And beWARE: DO NOT USE ANY MEDICATION without a prescription. It brings more harm than good. VENVANSE, the drug which the author party reveals, cannot be used indiscriminately. Nor, according to the rules of various anti-doping bodies in the world, do not allow use even under prescription, what advantage it can be obtained."

Alpha 7 Esports respond to the allegations

In response, Alpha7 Esports has said it will take legal action against some members of the community who slandered the company and spoke outside the investigation. Additionally, they stated that they would cooperate fully with the officials until the matter was resolved.

Alpha 7 said in their statement:

"Alpha 7 Esports state that we are taking appropriate legal action about facts related to complaints that came to the team’s knowledge. Through hard work and competence, Alpha 7 became a world reference in esports, having a strong name to watch over. Retaliations will not be tolerated and any unsportsmanlike conduct by an isolated team member will be investigated. We cherish the integrity and health of players and teams. Alpha 7 regrets the distortion of facts in recent publications."

They added:

"Finally, we also inform that we have already taken all actions together with Tencent collaborating with relevant internal investigations which are in progress, being available for further explanations."

PUBG MOBILE Esports has also taken cognizance of the matter and responded (Portuguese to English translation):

"For us at PUBG MOBILE, the integrity of the competitive circuit is taken too seriously and we have zero tolerance for breaking or violating our rules of conduct or those who have broken any laws that have distorted our performance or competitive results. We are closely monitoring the situation, including ongoing police investigations, and will take appropriate action as more facts are revealed. At the moment, we don't have any further declarations about the event. Fair play, physical integrity, and safety of all players and teams are extremely important to us."

Alpha7 Esports PUBG Mobile roster:

1) Carrilho

2) Swaguin

3) Mafioso

4) Revo

Alpha7 has been one of the best teams not just in Brazil but the whole of the Americas. The team has won both seasons of the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Brazil 2021 and were also the champions of PMPL: Americas Championship Season 2.

Apart from that, they have won America's Elite League, PUBG Mobile World Invitational West, and PUBG Mobile National Championship Brazil 2021. The team was among the top ten of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

Alpha7 is also leading the league stages after Week 1 of PMPL: Brazil 2022 Spring. The league stage will continue till April 17, followed by Grand Finals scheduled to take place between April 22 and 24.

It is the first such incident in the history of PUBG Mobile esports. Fans will have to wait and see how the investigation report comes out and how Tencent deals with the situation.

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