Stray, the upcoming cat game, has its release date possibly leaked by the PlayStation database

The upcoming adventure game (Image via Annapurna Interactive)
The upcoming adventure game (Image via Annapurna Interactive)

Apart from the gameplay footage shared last year, news regarding BlueTwelve Studio's upcoming adventure game Stray has been scarce. The PlayStation exclusive title has seen a string of delays, with the latest pushing it to a Summer 2022 release period. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a release date for the game.

Allaying such fears, a recent tweet from PlayStation Game Size has indicated that the release date of the title might be closer than everyone thinks. One of the most anticipated indie games of 2022, Stary's uniqueness lies in the fact that it will be played from the perspective of a cat roaming around an urban setting.

🚨 According To Playstation Database , Stray Coming July 19th 2022 , 8 AM PT🟨 Maybe it's Just Place-Holder !🟧 #Stray

Will players get to step into the cyberpunk world of Stray anytime soon?

PlayStation Game Size has noted in their tweet that the files found in the PlayStation database indicate a release date of July 19 at 8.00 am PT for Stray. This fits the Summer 2022 release period that was earlier mentioned in a tweet from the official PlayStation account.


While fans have been highly intrigued by the novel perspective Stray is going to provide, the four-minute gameplay walkthrough at a showcase last year provided fans with a glimpse at the sci-fi world of the game. From a third-person perspective, players will be controlling a stray cat who will be accompanied by a drone named B12.


The cat will explore the cyberpunk world populated by robots. Players will get to experience the atmosphere of the city as the cat moves around while solving puzzles, dodging obstacles, and engaging with NPCs.

The game has already seen a number of delays. First envisioned as HK_Project, the unique feline game has been in development for more than half a decade now. The game was first announced in 2020, and a trailer in January 2021 noted the release date as October 2021.

Annapurna Interactive, who is publishing the game, announced in July of the same year that the game was being delayed for a release in early 2022 in order to not compromise on quality and to bring the best possible experience for players.

ceo (cat executive officer) jun from the @HKdevblog team wanted to let you know that stray is still coming this year and that programming with bean toes can be tiresome at times

Although Annapurna Interactive tweeted in February 2022 that the game was on track to be released this year, no further information was shared regarding Stray's release date. A tweet from the official PlayStation channel in late April provided a glimpse at the upcoming "can't-miss indies" on the console.

The short clip featured Stray, and fans were quick to note the fine print that stated the game would now be coming in Summer 2022.

🐈 Stray🎀 We Are OFKπŸ‘ Cult of the LambThese are just three of the can't-miss indies coming soon to PlayStation. Discover more at

Fans must also not get their hopes up too high as it has been mentioned that the date could merely be a placeholder. An official declaration from the developers or the publishers will surely lay rest to any such worries, and what better place to do it other than the upcoming State of Play on June 2.

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