"The cop knew Twitch lingo": Swatting turns wholesome as cop asks chat to start hype train for swatted Warzone streamer

Swatting goes good as cool cop starts hype train in chat (Image via Nadia/Twitch)
Swatting goes good as cool cop starts hype train in chat (Image via Nadia/Twitch)
Richik "anarkiddie" Bhattacharya

With three high-profile tense swattings already reported this August, Call of Duty Warzon streamer "Nadia" Amine was anxious when she realized that she had also been swatted. To everyone's surprise, the situation turned on its head when the cop, instead of roughly ending the stream or arresting the streamer, sat down and started to talk to chat:

The wholesome moment captured on livestream has the cop interacting with the chat, asking them to subscribe to Amine so that she may reach her sub goal. Social media, understandably, had a lot of fun with the clip. Fellow Twitch streamer IceManIsaac noted that the policeman knew about Twitch culture, saying:

"Bro, no shot the cop knew Twitch lingo and actually started a sub train."
@JakeSucky @TheNadiaAmine Bro, no shot the cop knew Twitch lingo and actually started a sub train 🔥

"The stream doesn't need to end early just 'cause somebody wants to be a jerk.": Twitter abuzz as clip of cop's cool handling of a swatting gains traction

Nadia, a very popular Warzone streamer who frequently gets harassed on TikTok for being a female gamer, had a wild time on her recent stream after getting swatted by a viewer. The streaming community on Twitch and YouTube has been going through a swatting phase, with a lot of high-profile cases being reported recently.

I just got swatted, unfortunately the harassment has been a bit overbearing. I am okay, my family is okay. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. Scary world we live in

While Adin Ross had armed police barge into his home, IShowSpeed and Keffals were directly arrested after being swatted. Compared to them, Nadia's cop was much more understanding. The policeman was clearly familiar with Twitch streaming and understood what had happened.

Coming in front of the camera, he directly addressed the audience, asking them to show some "hype" for the police. Nadia realized he knew about streaming and asked if he streamed. Admitting that he does, the cop went on to address the swatting, asking fans not to feel low, even though they need her for some paperwork:

"Yeah, well, we'll talk about that off camera. Yeah, you guys have a great time, have a great day. We're going to talk to her about some crazy stuff. Ya'll blow her up for the rest of the day. The stream doesn't need to end early just 'cause somebody wants to be a jerk."

To everyone's surprise, he even noticed the sub goal and asked the viewers to subscribe to the channel and start a hype train:

"She needs five more subs to hit that goal still. Somebody give her those five subs. Come on now. Let's get that hype train going. Let's go! Come on, guys."

Fan and Twitter reactions

Nadia's fans readily obliged the cop, with many gifting a lot of subs. Twitter also commended the cop for his positive attitude and handling of the situation while being considerate of the stream. Many compared the situation with the other swattings that have been happening in the recent past:

Chat reacting to the cop (Image via Nadia/Twitch)
Chat reacting to the cop (Image via Nadia/Twitch)
@JakeSucky @TheNadiaAmine so wholesome i love this :D
@TheNadiaAmine So sorry you had to deal with this nadia, happy you and everyone is safe.
@TheNadiaAmine Terrible. Super glad nobody was hurt and thank goodness those guys were such Ws. Took a dangerous situation and they turned it into a positive. Stay strong, here’s a wholesome clip.
@JakeSucky @TheNadiaAmine Can someone find the link of the police officer? We need to gift that man some subsssss! 😍 @TheNadiaAmine Glad you’re okay! 🙏
@JakeSucky @TheNadiaAmine The difference in treatment is night and day. That pretty white privilege must be nice.
@TheNadiaAmine People find it so amusing to sit behind a screen and anonymously harass others, it’s sad and disheartening this is the world we live in. Glad to hear and see it all worked out, sending love vibes to you and everyone 🤍

Swatting is a serious offense and has been known to turn fatal. Swatters have been persecuted under Federal Law in the past, and although this situation was handled well, swattings have seriously injured and sometimes killed people in the past.

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