"That is so dumb": xQc calls out Pokimane for being "too rebellious" after lashing out at a fan

Pokimane lashes out at a fan (Image via xQcOW Twitch)
Pokimane lashes out at a fan (Image via xQcOW Twitch)
Nakul Ahuja

While the entire community has rejoiced at Imane Pokimane Anys's return to Twitch, Félix 'xQc' Lengyel thinks the Canadian streamer is trying too hard to be "rebellious."

Pokimane has been enjoying her return to the Amazon-owned streaming platform after a short hiatus. However, the 25-year-old responded to an unruly fan with a hilarious but graphic image. This act has more or less caused a small dent in her public profile.

The Twitch star's new carefree attitude might have been a welcome change for her honest patrons, but the former Overwatch pro didn't seem too impressed after watching her lash out at a fan who called her new Twitch intro "dogsh*t."

xQc unhappy with Pokimane's behavior

Pokimane was extremely vexed by what the viewer had to say and paused her intro to comment. An infuriated Pokimane continued to lash out at the fan before sharing a rather disturbing image.

xQc unhappy with Pokimane's behavior (Image via xQc Twitch)
xQc unhappy with Pokimane's behavior (Image via xQc Twitch)

She said:

“Dogsh*t intro on the stream… What the hell? What did you just say to me? Dogsh*t intro? You want to see a dogsh*t intro. There you go. Here it is!”

However, xQc seemed irked by Pokimane's actions. He called it "stupid" and uncalled for. He said:

“That is so dumb, right? Why would anybody do this? You know, I think it feels like Poki is trying to be rebellious these days, and it’s just kind of weird. It’s just kind of weird. First the skateboard tentacles, now the dog sh*t.”

Pokimane wants to speak her mind

The Canadian streamer has revealed on numerous occasions how she's tired of being a "people-pleaser."

Before going on hiatus, Pokimane claimed to be working on her routine and her people-pleasing attitude. She was alluding to her tiring streaming schedule and her on-screen persona. However, she has to be careful, given her internet fame and the corresponding expectations that arise from it.

Pokimane hasn't responded to xQc's comment yet. However, from the looks of it, the Canadian streamer has finally broken out of her cocoon.

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