Pokimane dances in excitement as xQc asks her to play Valorant with him

Pokimane dancing on livestream after xQc asked her to play Valorant with him (Image via Clipsterz on YouTube)
Pokimane dancing on livestream after xQc asked her to play Valorant with him (Image via Clipsterz on YouTube)

Pokimane and xQc are currently two of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Therefore, a collaboration between the two is definitely something that gets fans very excited. However, as is evident from one of Pokimane's recent streams, fans aren't the only people excited about a collaborative stream between Poki and xQc.

Pokimane could be seen visibly excited and chirpy as she danced in her chair in a recent stream. She revealed the reason behind her excitement and said that xQc had asked to play Valorant with her.

Pokimane is overjoyed after xQc says he wants to play Valorant with her

Pokimane and xQc have had their differences of opinion in the past regarding many topics such as gambling streams. However, they also seem to respect each other as streamers and have defended each other as well.

Therefore, it was only natural for Pokimane to be excited when a gamer as good as xQc wanted to play with her.

"I wasn't gonna stream today, but then, xQc was like, "Dude, you wanna play Valorant?" and I was like, *nods head*. So, here I am!"

Pokimane recently returned to streaming after her extended break from Twitch streaming because of her mental health. Therefore, playing Valorant with xQc may have been refreshing for her.

Later in the day, Pokimane also tweeted about how much she loved playing Valorant, making it seem like she had a good time playing the title with xQc.

Pokimane and xQc's previous interactions have also broken the internet earlier.

For instance, when streaming with a bunch of other streamers, including his girlfriend, Adept, xQc said that he felt Pokimane was the most attractive streamer in the community. This had the community buzzing for weeks after, with Pokimane herself reacting to the clip as well.


The two Twitch streamers share an amicable relationship, and fans would love for them to appear together on live stream more often.

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