"The Callisto Protocol continues to look absolutely nuts": Community reacts to fresh showcase at the Summer Game Fest

The game is set to delight the fans of horror games (Image via Krafton)
The game is set to delight the fans of horror games (Image via Krafton)

The Callisto Protocol is quietly shaping up as an exciting horror project that can offer something different to all gamers. When the game was first announced, fans were unsure about how it would be when it completed its development. However, the overall expectations are high, given that the game is being developed by Striking Distance Studios.

Based on the reactions to the showcase at the Summer Game Fest, the overall reception is quite positive.

The Callisto Protocol continues to look absolutely nuts. Really impressive for a first game in a New IPWhat a return to horror for Glen Schofield

The Callisto Protocol will be a brand new IP, and Striking Distance Studios' ambitions are quite high. Set to appear in late 2022, the developers have assured that there will be a great amount of support for the game. While many things are left to be shown, more were displayed on June 9.

As mentioned earlier, the reception is quite positive if fan reactions are anything to go by. Fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts about the game and what's been shown.

Fans are excited by the development and showcase of The Callisto Protocol at the Summer Game Fest

Fans got to see detailed gameplay footage of The Callisto Protocol at the Summer Game Fest. Suffice it to say that the majority are quite happy with what's been shown. The closest comparison the game has drawn is with Dead Space.

EA's iconic space-survival horror has given the thrills and frills over the years. However, a remake is in development, set to come out in 2023, and many fans believe it will have stiff competition.

A Dead Space Remake AND Callisto Protocol both in development. The creators of Dead Space now have to compete with a Remake of their OWN GAME. Either way, from what Iโ€™ve seen of both, I think Iโ€™m going to absolutely love them. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

One fan is so convinced they believe there's nothing EA could show that would make the Dead Space remake look better than The Callisto Protocol:

There isn't a damn thing EA can show me in regards to the Dead Space remake that's gonna convince me it'll be better than this.@CallistoTheGame can't come fast enough. LET'S GO!!!

There's no denying that a lot of inspiration for the game has been taken from Dead Space. Many have claimed Striking Distance Studios' latest project as the successor to the horror hit:

#SummerGameFest The Callisto Protocol buys on day one. The successor to Dead Space is coming

There seems to be an ample amount of gore, and some fans are in love with it:

This death animation in The Callisto Protocol is beautiful.

There will be combat mechanics as well, which would include the use of melee and ranged weapons. Some are really impressed with what has been shown in the initial gameplay footage:

Combat in The Callisto Protocol looks so visceral. ๐Ÿ˜ณ#TheCallistoProtocol #SummerGameFest

A few are so convinced by it that if someone had told them that this is the footage from Dead Space 4, they would have believed it:

@Okami13_ The lighting, sounds, movement, and shooting mechanics all look like Dead Space. You could have said this was Dead Space 4, and I might have believed you. I really like this game.

The Callisto Protocol looks to be the perfect choice for those who want gore in their horror games:

The Callisto Protocol is the gift that keeps on giving for anyone like me who wants their horror games to go absolutely nuts with the gore.#SummerGameFest

Some also believe that while The Callisto Protocol looks like a fitting successor, it shows the necessary enhancements required to make it upgraded for the times:

More The Callisto Protocol gameplay shots It definitely feels like a spiritual successor to Dead Space but with a lot of enhancements #SummerGameFest

With a release date set for December 2022, horror fans will have to wait a few more months to test the game. However, they will certainly hope to see more exciting showcases in the next few months.

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