"The pacing is just a little...": Dr DisRespect shares his opinion on Starfield, rating it 7.1 out of ten

Dr DisRespect reviews Starfield (Image via Bethesda)
Dr DisRespect reviews Starfield (Image via Bethesda)

YouTube streamer Dr DisRespect, who was recently embroiled in a controversy surrounding pronouns in Starfield, has given his initial impressions on the game after playing it for a fair few hours. The content creator is known for his bombastic style and on-screen persona of the Doc that is a fan favorite, but the veteran streamer is no stranger to controversy.

That said, Dr DisRespect was quite a vocal supporter of Starfield in the days leading up to its launch, despite recently going on a rant about not being given a review copy. After streaming the game for many hours since its launch on September 1, he shared his opinion on the game a couple of days ago. Stating that he is a fan of Bethesda games in general, the YouTuber compared their latest release to older games such as Skyrim but told his viewers that he did not appreciate the pacing of the game:

"Starfield or Cyberpunk 2077? So far, uh, I think both are my style and pace. And I love Bethesda games, I never played Fallout, but my Morrowinds, and my Skyrims, and my Oblivions? Those are good. But the pacing on this one is just a little..."

Later on, he explained his gripes with some of its design choices and revealed that he did not like the abundance of dialogue and menus. While he liked the storytelling, the combat was a point of contention due to its repetitiveness. In the end, the Two-Time (as he is known in the community) gave Starfield a rating of 7.1.

"I feel like I'm in the menus all the time, menus and dialogue all the time. And then docking and undocking, but I like the art, I like the aesthetic and I like the storytelling. Combat's a little repetitive. Yeah, I am going to give it a 7.1, that's where I am at right now.:

"I am impressed with the size and scale": Dr DisRespect's early impressions of Starfield were quite good

As mentioned before, the streamer recently made headlines following his reaction to finding out that there were pronouns in Starfield. However, Dr DisRespect has been playing the game consistently on his streams since the start of the month, and when his fans asked him about his opinions just after a couple of hours of playing, this is what he had to say:

"I think from the playability standpoint, as just a gamer wanting to game? I think it's a great game to do that, to play and explore. Obviously, it is massive. There are so many ways to play it. There's a lot to discover, I'm impressed with the size and scale of this project."

Dr DisRespect also told the audience that he had low expectations for combat, but he was pleasantly surprised by what was on offer:

"The graphics look good, combat's okay. It's actually kind of better than what I was thinking it was going to be to be honest, I didn't think their combat was going to be that great, but so far so good."

However, his opinions on combat would change during the playthrough, as he later described it as a bit repetitive while rating Starfield at 7.1. Dr DisRespect did forsee this in his initial impressions. He said that he did not know how repetitive the gameplay cycle would be:

"I don't know how repetitive it will get. Going into ships looking for specific materials. The discovery aspect doesn't hit me so far in terms of the discovery of items. I am going off of Skyrim. Like, when you went down that one cave that led you to these creatures, you were rewarded, it felt like, pretty decently."

Here are a couple of comments from the YouTube video compilation of Dr DisRespect's recent livestream, with many fans clearly not satisfied with Starfield.

Viewer's on Starfield (Image via The2Time/YouTube)
Viewer's on Starfield (Image via The2Time/YouTube)

Readers should note that other streamers such as Asmongold have also criticized certain aspects of Starfield. In fact, the Twitch streamer had called the game's storyline dumb while giving his first impressions.

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