"There's no way he gets 100,000 viewers" - Ice Poseidon accuses Kick streamer N3on of view-botting his channel

Ice Poseidon drops view-botting allegations against N3on (Image via Instagram/N3on and Ice Poseidon)
Ice Poseidon drops view-botting allegations against N3on (Image via Instagram/N3on and Ice Poseidon)

Controversial streaming personality Paul "Ice Poseidon" shared his perspective on fellow streamer Rangesh "N3on" by alleging that the latter employs view bots to artificially boost the viewership numbers on his livestreams. For those unfamiliar with N3on, the 19-year-old has quickly become among the fastest-growing Kick streamers with over 223K followers (Paul, in comparison, has 133K).

In fact, over the last week, N3on has averaged over 83K live viewers, with a peak viewership of 111K. Paul, however, wasn't particularly impressed with the numbers, stating:

"There's no way he gets 100,000 viewers."

"I think he view bots" - Ice Poseidon shares his hot take on N3on

Notorious Kick streamer Ice Poseidon, known for his controversial in-real-life (IRL) streams, used his platform to throw shade on fellow content creator N3on. According to Ice Poseidon, N3on's stream statistics are allegedly inflated, as he purportedly relies on viewbots to boost his viewership numbers.

Speaking about the 19-year-old streamer, Ice Poseidon said:

"I think he view bots though. There's no way he gets 100K viewers. There's no f**king way he gets that. Like, he has content sometimes but it's not a 100K viewers."

Paul's friend, Ac7ionMann (also a streamer), chimed in:

"100K viewers is like, you're Travis Scott or something."

Paul added:

"Yeah, it's not a 100K viewer content. Like, there's no way he doesn't view bot. I mean, I personally don't think he's funny but like you said, he's not in my demographic. He's like a kid, so I don't think he's funny. But 100K viewers? No f**king shot!"

The pair contrasted N3on's stream figures with those of Drake, highlighting that even a highly popular figure like him failed to surpass 100K viewers. This led them to view N3on's numbers with skepticism, deeming them suspicious in comparison.

What did the community say?

The clip was shared by an X page dedicated to Kick streams (@Kick_clips). There was another clip from the same post, where the CEO of Kick, Ed Craven, stated that they were looking to make updates that would allow streamers to be more transparent about their numbers:

Here are some other comments:

Fans react to the clip (Image via X/Kick_clips)
Fans react to the clip (Image via X/Kick_clips)

In other news, N3on and his manager were subjected to a concerning attack by a group of assailants who broke into his house and later caused a ruckus outside.