"Why are the cops not here?" - N3on and his girlfriend Sam Frank horrified after allegedly getting robbed at gunpoint live on stream

N3on and his girlfriend allegedly got robbed at gunpoint live on stream (Image via Drama Alert/X)
N3on and his girlfriend allegedly got robbed at gunpoint live on stream (Image via Drama Alert/X)

On December 4, 2023, Kick streamer Ragnesh "N3on" and his girlfriend Sam Frank were allegedly robbed at gunpoint live on the stream. Following his collaboration with American rapper Crip Mac, N3on and his significant other were seen returning to their home. However, at one point, the content creators' attention was drawn to some commotion outside the vehicle, causing both of them to get startled.

While instructing N3on to close the vehicle's door, Sam Frank burst into tears and recalled seeing someone recording the incident:

"What the f**k! Close the f**king door! Close the f**king door, lock the f**king door! Lock the f**king door! What the f**k was that? Oh, my god (Sam Frank starts crying)! God, please no! Are you sure we're actually calling 911? Are you sure? Is this a prank? I saw somebody recording. Guys, what you didn't just see - everybody got attacked at our house! There were, like, five guys..."

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old called 911 and identified the people who allegedly assaulted them:

"They're Black with masks on. Please come! Ma'am, please come! (Streamer converses with Sam Frank briefly) Stop crying, shut up. Yes, they have duffle bags and they have weapons. Yes, I'm a livestreamer and they found where I live and they found my address. Yes ma'am, there is a gun. Yes."

Later in the broadcast, N3on stated that the incident was the "scariest thing" he had ever witnessed. He added:

"I'll f**king kill those kids, bro! F**king pieces of s**t, bro! Why are the cops not here? I called them f**king ten minutes ago! That was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my f**king life (Sam Frank interrupts and says someone was 'hurt' and asked them to turn off the livestream)."

N3on reveals security camera footage to prove the livestream moment wasn't staged, fans react

On the same day, X (formerly Twitter) user @scubaryan_ shared a 32-second clip from N3on's recent livestream. In it, the Kick streamer showed security camera footage from his phone to prove that the livestream moment was not staged:

Ragnesh getting allegedly robbed at gunpoint was trending on the social media platform, with numerous fans sharing their thoughts on the situation. Some of the most pertinent reactions were along these lines:

Furthermore, X user @santiag21437381 posted a 19-second video of an Instagram Story that seemed to have been posted by the people who allegedly robbed Ragnesh. One of the individuals in the clip was heard saying, "Am I a dead man walking?"

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