"This is just pure disrespect": Fans react to Cristiano Ronaldo plummeting below Lionel Messi in leaked EA FC 24 ratings

Ronaldo is much lower rated in EA FC 24 than Messi (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Scoreboard)
Ronaldo is much lower rated in EA FC 24 than Messi (Images via EA Sports and Twitter/FUT Scoreboard)

With the release of EA FC 24 being just under a month away, various leaks regarding player ratings have begun to emerge on social media, including those of the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The two players have dominated the sport for almost two decades, but as they approach the twilight years of their careers, their ratings on the virtual pitch have declined.

However, based on recent leaks, Ronaldo has suffered a much more drastic downgrade in EA FC 24 compared to his Argentine rival. While Messi is rumored to be 90-rated, the Portuguese phenom has reportedly been downgraded massively and will be 86-rated. This has sparked a lot of debate and discussion on social media, with fans weighing in with their opinions.

One fan took to Twitter to provide their take on the situation. While they claim to stay away from the legendary debate between the two superstars, the latest leaked ratings have been described as "pure disrespect."

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are rumored to be downgraded in EA FC 24

Upgrades and downgrades are part and parcel of the game cycle, with footballers being provided attributes based on their performances in the previous season. However, veterans of the sport are sometimes treated unfairly in their ratings as they get older. Many believe that Cristiano Ronaldo has been subject to this, with his overall rating of 86 in EA FC 24, compared to his rival Lionel Messi.

FUT Donk showcased the difference in stats between the base versions of Ronaldo in FIFA 23 and his leaked EA FC 24 card. The contrast is drastic, leading to Donk saying that the former Real Madrid superstar is now SBC fodder.

Another fan stated that both legends should be 88-rated overall, as Lionel Messi's season was mediocre at club level, with only his performances at the World Cup boosting his resume.

With Messi overtaking his long-time rival by such a large margin in the upcoming title, many believe that this is indicative of his status as the greatest of all time. However, some fans have pointed out that when CR7 was 36 years old, he was 92-rated in FIFA. In comparison, the former FC Barcelona maestro is rumored to be 90-rated in EA FC 24.

The debate surrounding the title of football's GOAT will forever be a contentious topic, especially in the age of social media. With both these legendary athletes approaching the conclusive stages of their illustrious careers, their ratings are bound to decline on the virtual pitch, providing fans with plenty of talking points in the years to come.

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Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh
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