"Three peat": MrBeast celebrates breaking YouTube record for most-viewed video in 24 hours three weeks in a row

MrBeast is collecting records in his purse one video a week (Image via MrBeast)
MrBeast is collecting records in his purse one video a week (Image via MrBeast)

Jimmy "MrBeast" has done the unthinkable and broken YouTube's record for the most viewed non-music video in its first 24 hours thrice in the last three weeks. This means that his last three videos have broken progressive records on the platform, one after another. Like the last two times he achieved this feat, MrBeast has taken to social media to inform his followers about it.

He added a post to the thread on X where he has been sharing stats. As per YouTube analytics' screen grab shared by the star creator, his latest video garnered a whopping 59.4 million views in 24 hours after being uploaded.

To celebrate breaking the record three weeks in a row, this YouTuber wrote:

"7 days later, we broke it again. Three peat."

MrBeast's latest video on Olympic-style game show has become YouTube's most-viewed non-music video in a day

As per the screenshot this creator shared, his last four videos have all managed to get more than 45 million views in one day. However, the last three were special, as he broke the most-viewed record thrice with them. MrBeast had always been talking about doing things bigger and better, and it looks like his quest of owning the most subscribed channel on YT is going strong.

Looking to rehash a YouTube battle with T-Series, he has all but declared war on the music label, calling on fans to keep subscribing to his channel under each of his latest videos. He collaborated with PewDiePie on a video that held the most-viewed record until his next upload broke it a week later.

Fans will remember the creator had been teasing that his next video would be the biggest ever, and the YouTuber certainly delivered.

Here are a couple of reactions to him breaking the record for the third time in three weeks:

Interestingly, MrBeast will also be up to defend his Creator of the Year title in the upcoming Streamy Awards 2023, which he has won three times in a row since 2020.

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