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TimTheTatMan teases a "huge announcement", fans speculate it could be a 100 Thieves partnership

YouTube Image Via TimTheTatman
YouTube Image Via TimTheTatman
Modified 07 Apr 2021

TimTheTatman is bringing speculation back to him joining 100 Thieves, after he told his stream that a huge announcement was on the way. Fans won't need to wait long to find out what TimTheTatman is up to, but it hasn't stopped them from guessing.

On one of his latest streams, TimTheTatman got the attention of his viewers to give them some news on the stream that was more than a schedule change. One of the first clues may have slipped out when he revealed the next time he would be taking significant time off.

"Then, at the end of May, I'm taking like a week off. I got a really cool announcement tomorrow at 12 central. That's all I'm going to say. No hints as to what it's about. "

None of the viewers truly know what TimTheTatman will be doing at the end of May, but it very well could be a chance for him to meet with an org like 100 Thieves or some other company. On Twitter, Fwiz painted his own scenario of TimTheTatman heading to LA to golf for a week, and maybe meet that new org.

Why fans believe that TimTheTatman will go to 100 Thieves

There isn't any concrete information in what TimTheTatman said which would automatically mean an org deal with a place like 100 Thieves. However, the mix of a big announcement and TimTheTatman's comments in the past, have fans speculating that it must be 100 Thieves.


Back in November of 2020, TimTheTatman mentioned that he was looking at different esports orgs to join, as most of his friends were already in one. Much of his chat suggested that he would be a great fit for 100 Thieves, FaZe, or TSM when he asked where he would fit.

"I've thought a lot about organizations lately, and whether or not I would actually do that. Because, you know, a lot of my friends do it, right?"

Tim went into more detail, and he brought up the fact that Nickmercs was with FaZe and Lupo was with Rogue, among plenty of other streamers who he plays with and are also signed. To most fans, it was only a matter of time before TimTheTatman joined an org.

"There's a couple off the top of my head that I think would mesh well with me. Obviously 100 Thieves, FaZe, those guys. I know a lot of the guys on both of those teams."

Nadeshot has also mentioned Tim and his potential at 100 Thieves in brief clips, but fans will have to wait and see if the speculation is real.

Published 07 Apr 2021, 01:23 IST
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