"I'm making much more": Trainwreck reveals his $1 million per month deal from bitcoin casino Stake has changed

Trainwreck hints at higher payout than original $1 million deal (Image via @Trainwreckstv/Twitter)
Trainwreck hints at higher payout than original $1 million deal (Image via @Trainwreckstv/Twitter)

Tyler Faraz "Trainwreckstv" Niknam (referred to as Trainwreck) recently revealed that his original deal of $1 million a month with Stake has gone up by a lot, leading fans to speculate on the amount.

The gambling streamer was last known to be sponsored by bitcoin casino Stake to gamble regularly on their website. However, Niknam often ends up going above and beyond, holding streams for longer than 24 hours and gambling the whole while.

When he found out a viewer's assumption on how much he gets paid by Stake, he had this to say:

"I'm not making a mill a month, I'm making much more- the f**k do you mean a mill a month?"

Trainwreck hints at much bigger payout from Stake

During his recent stream, Niknam answered a question from a viewer regarding his monthly pay from Stake, the gambling casino that he is sponsored by and streams on every day.

The viewer had asked the following question:

"Are you making a mill a month from Stake?"

Niknam immediately replied, stating in a confused tone that he made much more than what the viewer had surmised:

"The f**k? That was the first month, buddy. The f**k, do you see what I gamble with? Like, the f**k? I'm confused. I mix what I make and what I already have together and I gamble raw."

He continued:

"Now, has that been smart for me? Absolutely f**king not. Do I understand why these m**herf**kers are- don't like me because I brought the raw deal out and it almost makes them do it? Yeah, I understand. Because no one's- no one's going to be up on raw. You understand? No one. This sh**t's nuts. I'm getting f**ked."

The phrase "gambling raw" refers to betting one's own, real money, as opposed to betting money from a "balance" given by a casino sponsorship. Trainwreck was referring to how he mixes both the salary he receives from Stake, and his own money, in order to gamble.

The streamer had even revealed the amount of loss he had incurred in a stream earlier this month.

Later on, Niknam was asked by a viewer to tell them what his actual deal with Stake was. However, he was unable to answer:

"I can't. Stake would get upset at me. Cause then it sets a bar, for others and s**t like that. Weird s**t. But what I know is, it doesn't matter. If everything came out, I promise you, the entire section would look like s**t, and you would see that it's transparent over here. It's that simple."

Niknam was referring to his previous claims over the past few months. The streamer had claimed that other gambling streamers often lie to their audiences about how they're gambling with their own money, as opposed to the supposed reality where they're using a prepaid balance.

Viewers react to Trainwreck alluding to a higher paycheck from Stake

While the streamer's chat tended to side with Niknam, users of LivestreamFail subreddit sang a different tune.

Many attempted to calculate what Niknam might have been making (monetary-wise) this whole while. Others expressed dislike towards Niknam and his declaration, with one pointed out a possible connection between his payment and the commission he might receive from fans using his referral code.