Trainwreckstv reveals his biggest gambling loss in one sitting, compares his transparency to MrBeast

Trainwreckstv makes bold revelation (Image via Twitch)
Trainwreckstv makes bold revelation (Image via Twitch)

Twitch and Kick star Tyler "Trainwreckstv" made a surprising revelation during Adin Ross' recent livestream (June 7). Known for being an avid gambler, the streamer shared that he once lost approximately $25 million in a single night while gambling. Furthermore, he emphasized that the disclosed amount is entirely genuine and accurately represents the extent of his losses.

In fact, Trainwreckstv drew a comparison to Jimmy "MrBeast" (the creator, although not a gambler, is known to make big money moves), highlighting that his own financial figures are entirely "transparent." The clip in question is provided below:

"In one day I think it was $24.9 million" - Trainwreckstv reveals massive figure he lost at one go

Trainwreckstv is well-acquainted with making substantial wagers in the realm of gambling. As expected, taking on high stakes entails a considerable amount of risk. When prompted to disclose his most significant loss from a single session, the streamer promptly responded:

"In one day I think it was $24.9 million USD. I understand that a lot of like, haters or a lot of, you know, insecure, petty, jealous streamers will think that's fake, but if they knew my deal..."

He added:

"I'll double down on this a thousand times over, there isn't a single streamer, nobody, not even MrBeast himself, that would do the deal as transparently and authentically as I did. Nobody would."

The Kick star further asserted that there were no "safeguards" and he could have easily pocketed that figure had he "withdrawn" it.

Gambling can be a serious and addictive problem for many people. It is important to remember that many streamers are paid by gambling websites to promote their sites. The losses they incur on a stream may not always reflect the reality of their gambling habits.

What did the community say?

The clip elicited a lot of responses from the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Many pointed out the staggering sum of money, as quoted by Tyler, suggesting that it is more than the majority will ever see in a "lifetime." Here are some of the notable reactions:

Trainwreckstv is no stranger to making bold statements about his financial situation. In October 2022, he claimed to have made over $360 million in the previous 16 months by promoting gambling on his streams.

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