Minecraft star Tubbo reveals the release date for his Minecraft server TubNet

Tubbo releases the date for his Minecraft server TubNet (Image via Sportskeeda)
Tubbo releases the date for his Minecraft server TubNet (Image via Sportskeeda)

Tobias “Tubbo” Smith announced his own Minecraft server, called TubNet, through the recently concluded TwitchCon in Amsterdam. A Minecraft content creator, he can frequently be spotted on the famed Dream SMP Minecraft server, while also competing throughout the MC Championships.

Although Tubbo has shared hints about his own Minecraft server over the past few months, the official announcement came this weekend on TwitchCon.


His Minecraft LAN is expected to be released in August 2022. He has since then created a YouTube channel titled, TubNet, which has already garnered over 20K subscribers at the time of writing. The content creator has also added a trailer for the server.

Tubbo shares teaser for his Minecraft server TubNet

The creator's most recent project is a Minecraft server that users all across the world will be able to enjoy and partake in. On the server, they will be able to participate in a variety of activities, such as competing in minigames and cosmetic customizations.

Tubbo stated at TwitchCon that his main objective in launching the venture was to create an experience that people can relish and interact with.

TubNet coming August 2022.

Upon being asked about the server's target audience, Tubbo responded:

"A bit of both (casual and hardcore gamers) really because when we were designing the server because obviously there''re playing on different devices, you can't design a game for someone on phone like you can design like someone for PC..."

The young content creator also went on to reveal that he will be working with the developers to create more mini-games. He added:

"On launch, I think we're aiming to have three solid game modes and leading up in the next six months we've got a lot in store on our content calender as well"

The TubNet teaser and release date were presented alongside the Minecraft event, Craftmaster Live, which was co-produced by Twitch and Tubbo.

Fans share their excitement after Tubbo's announcement

Fans of Tubbo have been extremely ecstatic following the announcement videos. Many have flocked in with their comments on Twitter, congratulating the English streamer. Here are some of the notable ones:

@TubNet I like how literally a 19 year old kid made and founded a company and took 4 years to create a minecraft server while another company Rockstar Games, a multi-billion dollar company, took 1 to 2 weeks to make GTA SA Remastered which was literally terrible. A kid took effort 1/2
@TubNet i know what i’m doing in august 😈😈😈
@TubNet Can we just skip the rest of July?! Aaaaaaaa, but one questions tho- sure there is enough apartments for ALL the players? Cus I'm pretty sure MANY are joining xD idk
tubbo accomplished both his dreams of owning a cafe and making tubnet All at once 🙁
thank you tubbo for all ur hard work and dedication to tubnet ur passion and talent really shines through in all ur work!!! tubnet is gorgeous im so excited for its official release
bro i’m backstage holding back tears after the tubnet trailer. i’m so proud of that kid dude ❤️💙
I’m so excited for tubnet, the spawn has so much incredibly builds, story details, every single sneak peak ive been shown is insane, this DESERVES hype

Along with the likes of Dream and Tommyinnit, Tubbo is among the most popular Minecraft streamers on Twitch with over 4.9 million followers. Transcending the purple platform, he has also garnered over three million subscribers on YouTube.

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