Turkey Day in Animal Crossing New Horizons: Timing, event, DIY recipes and more

Turkey Day is one of the most popular seasonal events (Image via Nintendo)
Turkey Day is one of the most popular seasonal events (Image via Nintendo)
Zachary Roberts

November is right around the corner, and for Animal Crossing players, that means new items, new critter, and a new event, Turkey Day. Turkey Day is one of the most popular events in New Horizons, serving as the game's Thanksgiving Day celebration. Many players look forward to this time of year, and it is rapidly approaching. Here's everything players need to know about the upcoming season.

All about Turkey Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The event is scheduled to take place on November 25, 2021 at 9.00 am local time and runs all the way until midnight. The date is the same for both Northern as well as Southern hemisphere players, as it is centered around the American holiday that occurs on one specific day.

Players and villagers will partake in the festivities (Image via Nintendo)
Players and villagers will partake in the festivities (Image via Nintendo)

This is a recurring event in Animal Crossing as it debuted last year. On Turkey Day, there will be several major changes to the island, including:

  • Franklin the Turkey will appear near Resident Services wearing a chef hat.
  • A cooking table with cookware and ingredients will be set up outside Resident Services.
  • Dining tables and other holiday decorations will be set up for the festivities.
  • Villagers will put on themed hats, carry food and drinks and gather around the plaza.
  • Special Thanksgiving music will play all day.

Talking to Franklin during the event will unlock recipe instructions for four different Thanksgiving recipes. Animal Crossing players can then find the ingredients and make these recipes and bring them back to Franklin to unlock Turkey Day DIY recipes and items. These are the four recipes:

  • Clam Chowder- 3 manila clams. The secret ingredient is 1 scallop
  • Pumpkin pie- 1 orange pumpkin, 1 green, white, or yellow pumpkin. The secret ingredient is two other pumpkins
  • Gratin- 1 mussel, 1 flat, round, skinny mushroom or an oyster. The secret ingredient is dungeness crab
  • Fish Meunière- 1 sea bass, 1 olive flounder, dab or red snapper. The secret ingredient is barred knifejaw

Update to bring new features for Animal Crossing Turkey Day

The recently announced Roost update will also more than likely have an impact on the festivities. The update is scheduled for November, which makes it extremely likely that Turkey Day will be affected. The 1.11.0 update only went through Halloween, so Turkey Day is likely to receive some new features.

[Announcement]The #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons Direct will air on Oct. 15 at 7am PT! Tune in for roughly 20 minutes of information about the content coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in November. #ACNH

The official Animal Crossing Direct will be on October 15 at 10.00 am EST. It will have all the official information regarding what is or isn't coming in the next update, so players will definitely need to stay tuned for that.

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