Twitch streamer banned for having s*x on livestream explodes on social media, gains thousands of followers

Streamer banned for having s*x on livestream explodes on social media
Streamer banned for having s*x on livestream explodes on social media (Image via Sportskeeda, kim_mikka_/Instagram,)

In recent events, kimmikka, the Twitch streamer who was banned for having intercourse on a livestream, has exploded on social media. Notably, the streamer has accrued over 100k followers on TikTok alone.

For context, during her August 24, 2022, live broadcast, kimmikka and her partner were caught fornicating while responding to her chat viewers. The moment was clipped and shared on multiple social media sites, which resulted in her immediate seven-day suspension from the Amazon-owned platform.

However, following the incident, the streamer has witnessed a massive upsurge in popularity on multiple platforms.

Twitch streamer gains thousands of followers after livestream controversy 🥳🥳🥳🤩🥳🥳🥳 Nos vemos esta noche envivo en mi twitch

After getting unbanned in just seven days, kimmika has changed her Twitch username to ‘kim_mikka_’ and has subsequently managed to grow her channel quite a bit. During her suspension, Kim had a mere 231 followers. However, the streamer has now gone onto accrue over 5600 followers on her main channel.

Her September 8 broadcast has also amassed a whopping 20,000 views, where she can be seen playing Valorant and Fall Guys for three hours. Furthermore, her Instagram handle has also enjoyed a remarkable boost, standing at an impressive 21.1k followers.

With that being said, the 21-year-old streamer has accrued the most number of followers on her TikTok, with nearly 120k. Many of her TikTok videos and clips have been making rounds on the internet, garnering thousands of views and comments.

The controversy surrounding kimmika's seven-day ban

While there was no nudity or explicit body parts shown onstream, the incident didn't sit well with the majority of streamers and content creators. Many demanded more than a seven-day suspension from the platform.

The short duration of her ban evoked a plethora of questions over Twitch's ban policy, especially after former Twitch streamer JiDion accused the platform of being unfair towards him.

Her 7 day ban is over 🥳🥳🤬🥳🥳

Upon learning that Kim had been banned for only seven days, JiDion accused the purple platform of sexism and racism before posting a dedicated video on YouTube. He also tweeted about her unban.

Furthermore, many other high-profile streamers, including the likes of Adin Ross and Clix, provided their take on the matter, siding with JiDion.

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