Twitch streamer Emiru learns the hard way what a Firefly Jar does in Fortnite

Emiru learns what a Firefly Jar does in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)
Emiru learns what a Firefly Jar does in Fortnite (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer and cosplayer Emily "Emiru" had a rather interesting way of finding out what a Firefly Jar does in the viral Battle Royale game Fortnite. Several streamers have gone back to playing Fortnite since it introduced the No-Build mode in March 2022.

Queuing and playing with her streaming buddies, Emiru found a rare explosive in-game. Questioning the item and its use, the streamer hilariously threw it on the ground, lighting up the surrounding area.

Emiru hilariously learns about Firefly Jar in Fortnite

VOD for the clip begins at 03:20:21

The newest member of One True King (OTK) had a rather small livestream where she planned on perfecting her gameplay in Mario Kart 8. The said game will be featured in one of OTK's upcoming events called The Game Night.

After playing Mario Kart 8 for around two and a half hours, Emiru started to play and stream Fortnite, where she queued up with Zoil, ConnorEatsPants and Tectone.

Since this was one of her first times learning the ropes of the game, she inquired and questioned the various mechanics and items present in the competitive Battle Royale game. One such incident occurred when she randomly found the rare explosive, Firefly Jar, on the ground.

Trying to learn more and see what the item did, the Twitch star asked:

"What is this? Fireflies? What does this do?"

ConnorEatsPants tried to help her by asking her:

"What's that?"

Almost immediately, the Twitch streamer flung the explosive near her vicinity, which resulted in it causing an explosion and spreading fire all around. A bit scared at what she had done, she started to stutter and scaredly said:

"Oh... I... I'm sorry. Oh Jesus, what have I done. What?"

Hilariously in the background, her buddies started to sing and tried to make fun of what the streamer had done. ConnorEatsPants seemed a bit taken aback as he said:

"Oh god, I am dying. Oh no! Emi has started a forest fire and I am dying."

Emiru struggled as her in-game character collapsed due to the fire damage endured. Laughing at her actions, she exclaimed:

"I couldn’t move! I just wanted to know what it did. How was I supposed to know Firelies would start a forest fire? That's not what they do in real life."

Tectone tried to reason with her by saying that the item's name implied what it did. Her teammates and buddies successfully revived her as Zoil healed her health back to its fullest. She continued to play Fortnite for the next hour, after which she called in for the day.

Fans react to Emiru's hilarious Fortnite gameplay

Viewers and fans on Reddit were delighted to see the streamer dive into the world of Fortnite. They were also amused to see her using the Jinx/Powder skin from Arcane.

Emiru has previously played a wide array of competitive games like League of Legends on her stream. Aside from being a well-known gamer, the content creator is also a professional cosplayer and cosplay designer who actively cosplays as different gaming characters.

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