Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy reveals he's recruiting for Valorant Ascension, teams up with Shroud

iiTzTimmy looking for players for his squad (Image via Sportskeeda)
iiTzTimmy looking for players for his squad (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy took to his Twitter account to announce the recruitment process for his Valorant team. Esports veteran and popular content creator Michael "Shroud" is also included in the squad. The latter previously played competitive Valorant for the American esports organization Sentinels.

iiTzTimmy was recently recruited by the esports behemoth 100 Thieves. He will be working alongside the organization's hardware company Higround.

Looking for players for Valorant ascension with @shroud! Roles undecided and most likely will need an IGL. If interested, DM me!

Publicizing the player requirements for the Valorant team, iiTzTimmy stated:

"Looking for players for Valorant ascension with @shroud! Roles undecided and most likely will need an IGL. If interested, DM me!"

iiTzTimmy is looking for teammates ahead of new Ascension tournaments


The streamer has taken up a recruitment role for his team after advertising the vacant positions on their Valorant rosters. Although the in-game roles have not been decided yet, a flock of creators have volunteered for the role.

In October 2022, Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, announced that they will be introducing three brand new Ascension tournaments in the upcoming year, namely EMEA, Americas, and Pacific Ascensions.

According to their official website:

"In 2023 three brand new Ascension tournaments will debut in each international territory! These tournaments will feature the best teams from more than twenty different Challenger leagues. You’ll see dozens of squads compete on LAN for regional pride and promotion into the international leagues."

Furthermore, they declared:

"Next year, Challenger leagues within each of the three territories will culminate in a new event series that will crown the best team in their territory. Teams who secure victory at the three Challengers Ascension tournaments will earn a spot in the following year’s international league."

This is part of Riot Games' VCT expansion. The website stated that the primary aim was to garner new experiences through a variety of events and competitions. They added:

"We want to create new experiences, create new superstars, and produce bigger shows that will captivate players and fans for years to come."

What roles does Shroud play?

Regular players will know there are a multitude of roles on offer in the game. Each agent belongs to a certain class. There are four major classes - Controllers, Duelists, Initiators, and Sentinels.

Earlier this year, Shroud came in as a last-minute replacement for Sentinel's Valorant roster. The veteran stated that he would adopt the departing SicK's mantle as the in-game controller.

For those unaware, the controller's role is to use and deploy smoke to facilitate offense and defense for their team.

As far as iiTzTimmy is concerned, his role has yet to be declared.

With several names already popping off under the comments section of iiTzTimmy's tweet, there will certainly be plenty of candidates to choose from.

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